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PartyUpPlayer   New York, USA

PUP or PartyUP Player, an app coming this summer that will solve the looking for group problem once and for all by putting the power of who you game with into your hand. Being developed by SWARM, an independent app development studio in NYC that specializes in mobile, wea...

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Qualitimes   Bucharest, Romania

Qualitimes is a personal relationship manager app that helps you stay in contact with the most important connections in your life, including family, friends and business associates. More than just a reminder or calendar app, Qualitimes lets you set up personalized notific...

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Swingmail   Tokyo, Japan

Swingmail aggregates messages from Gmail, iCloud mail, Facebook, Twitter, and calls from phone and FaceTime, so that you have everything in one inbox, and filters out junk, spam, and messages that don’t require your immediate attention so that you can stay focused and onl...

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Dorado   Moscow, Russia

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Dorado allows you to edit your videos by adding different elements to give it a more animated and personal touch. This app is perfect for people from all walks of life who may find they need a cure for boredom, or want to indulge in some creativity and fun with their vide...

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Riple   Palo Alto, CA

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Join groups to discover content curated by like minded people. Push your favorite online content to your friends and groups via our share sheet extension or within the app. Get involved in group discussions. Comment on your favorite content, like and reply to other comments.

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Veeplay   Munich, Bavarian

Veeplay is a native mobile video player SDK for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Smart TV with industry leading user experience and enhanced monetization possibilities. Providing HLS support on Android devices, Veeplay reduces buffering times significally, whilst improvi...

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thingthing keyboard   Barcelona, Spain

thingthing iOS keyboard gives you instant access to all your digital things. Find what you need, share what you want and make better decisions without ever switching apps. >>Make better decisions // With the built-in Calendar, you can quickly see if you’re available an...

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PeeqSee   Los Angeles, California

PeeqSee is a unique social media platform designed for boosting interactions and engagement between friends, fans, and customers in a meaningful and measurable way. In an era of an overload of posts bombarding users daily, PeeqSee is a fresh new approach to help users to ...

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Strivr   Bethlehem, Pa

Conceived by Zach Gray in mid-2013, Strivr is a digital community that makes it easy for people to ask for, receive and offer help. Initially established as a way for college students to perform helpful tasks for their peers- such as coffee runs and rides to the airport- ...

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Zoho Inventory   Chennai, India

Zoho Inventory is a web based application that helps small and growing businesses manage their orders and inventory. With multi-channel selling, shipping integrations and powerful inventory control, users can optimize their inventory and order management, right from pu...

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Sparkk TV   Cleveland, Oh

Sparkk TV is an all original, on-demand, webseries network. We air our webseries on a scheduled day and then they can be viewed anytime from our website or our Sparkk TV ON! app. We are available now on our website or download Sparkk TV ON! available on iOS, Android, A...

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nspHire   Chicago, IL

nspHire is a mobile application for job/seeker discovery. It is akin to Tinder but for jobs. Quick profile creation with a LinkedIn API. Setup your discovery attributes (education, industry, function, location, etc.). Swipe jobs or candidates right to like and left to...

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CallerSmart Inc   Vancouver, Canada

We've all been there. You've missed a call on your phone from an unknown number. You wonder if you should call back, it could be important. Or maybe it's yet another telemarketer ringing to sell you insurance. That's why we created CallerSmart. CallerSmart is an innovativ...

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Place idea

CivilHub   Warsaw, Poland

CivilHub is an innovative social network enabling people to suggest and implement changes in places where we live. We join people by concentrating them around the local communities to make the world a better place.

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Apptellect%20 %20logo

Android App Development -   Missisauga, Ontario

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We are the leading Mobile App Development company in Canada, focusing on Android, iPad and iPhone apps. Contact our website to know more about us. iPad app development covers the entire area of functionality and other required aspects to support in different platform. The...

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Rudder - Social Polling   Los Angeles, CA

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Rudder is a free iPhone app that enables users to receive quick feedback on upcoming decisions. With Rudder, users create polls to send to friends for immediate feedback. It’s Survey Monkey, but geared towards being social and fun. Simply create a poll from a variety o...

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mypa   Alicante, Spain

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mypa is an intelligent assistant for sales and business professionals. It works with your existing email, calendar, and phone apps and provides automatic integration of all your interactions by contact and company. No special set-up nor tiring data entry needed!

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Lozi   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Lozi is a platform and social community related to food and restaurants. It enables users to review dishes that they find as interesting, and share their experiences related to good meals. It also enables users to share their culinary collection with other users.

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Zombies Fury   Pontypridd, United Kingdom

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The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. But this time, you are the Zombie and you have to survive various obstacles that come in your way. How far can you go? TAP JUMP & ATTACK TAP & HOLD HIGHER JUMP TAP IN MID-AIR JUMP AGAIN

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Find dates when you want iphone6

InviteUp   Los Angeles, CA

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InviteUp is an event-based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users in person at their favorite places. Not reliant on algorithms, InviteUp allows users to connect based on mutual interest in specific locations, like a trendy res...

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Money Clouds™    Bellevue, Wa United States

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Similar to the widely used envelope system, Money Clouds™ helps customers define and save money for goals outside of his or her primary bank account. Through this method of goal-based saving, research shows you are more likely to save with greater consistency and motivati...

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Roomi   New York, San Francisco

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Roomi is a mobile platform that’s reinventing the way people search and connect in the rental industry. That starts with building back trust in the peer-to-peer marketplace. Roomi is the simplest and safest choice for the housing search, curating the best rooms and servic...

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Guarana Technologies   Montreal, Canada

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Guarana Technologies specializes in iPhone and Android app development. What makes us unique among mobile app development companies? Our ability to handle a project from your idea to an amazing mobile app! We help you to draft it, make it smart, make it sexy, and to launc...

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Sendtask    Zurich, Switzerland

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A smart task manager built for easy collaboration Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don’t have an account. Sendtask removes the barriers to effective collaboration. Manage your personal and ...

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CoinJinja   Saitama, Japan

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We are a leading digital media and information services provider for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Our mission is to inform, educate, and connect the global community while removing barriers to making transactions. Founded in November 2017, we o...

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Kanhasoft   Chester, USA

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Kanhasoft is the leading web and mobile application development company. Our expertized technologies are PHP, Java, Python, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, iOS, Android, .Net and Django. We offer IT solutions to offshore Clients from USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Norway, Germany, Au...

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SooNet   United States, Harrisburg

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SooNet aims to protect each person who uses our services. We want everyone to be socially involved and active. We aim to change the way people use social media, and to be responsible as individuals in the world with advance technology.

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Truck Pulse   Pune, India 411057

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Truck Pulse is a white label trucking app solution for logistics businesses and startups of all sizes who want their own Uber for trucking app that connects shippers and nearby truck drivers at the push of a button. Along with a user-friendly design, this freight manag...

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HostEvent   New York, Us

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HostEvent helps promoting and organizing your event with ease by combining our advanced event app technology with powerful relationship building & planning software.Perfect for corporate meetings, conferences, training events, party planning or even social functions.

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Tecocraft Ltd   Ilford, United Kingdom

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Tecocraft Ltd. is a leading Software Development company. We are providing Software development service with feasible, impressive and cost-effective solutions. Which also fulfill real-time business needs. We offer Software development services for different platforms suc...

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