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RAIDBOXES   M√ľnster, Germany

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RAIDBOXES is your german Premium WordPress Hosting company. Built specifically for the best high-performance Managed WordPress Hosting. RAIDBOXES provides an easier way to handle permissions and updates to client sites, and on the backend automatically handles all of t...

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StatusGator   New York, NY

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StatusGator monitors the service status page of over hundreds of cloud services. Create a custom dashboard for your team to check whenever trouble arises. Configure alerts to Email, Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, and more. If any of the services you depend on go down, you and ...

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Cloudways   Mosta, Malta

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Cloudways offers cloud application management & 1 click managed cloud hosting platform to host and manage your websites with ease and automation. Digital Ocean and Amazon Cloud integrated in their platform. It can deploy WordPress, Magento, Moodle, MediaWiki, Joomla, Suga...

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Ghosted   It, Italy

Ghosted is a Ghost Blog PaaS with super-fast Activation and super-easy Administration. Ghosted handles all the Server Stuff for you and lets you focus on the essential - writing. The Backend is clean and smooth, exactly as it should be.

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Jumpstarter   Stockholm, Sweden

Jumpstarter is a next-generation hosting platform for web developers, which makes it super fast and really easy to create and launch websites. It enables you to get up and running with your project in less than one second. Literally. It will also automatically adapt the s...

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