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Healthgare   Hyderabad, India

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Our 6 USP is: 1. Online appointment booking 2. Sample collection at customer's doorstep 3. 24/7 health service manager 4. Full time Dietitian counseling 5. eHealth Report for lifetime 6. Ask a Doctor / Nurse / Physiotherapy at home/office

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Medioctor   Bhubaneswar, India

Medioctor is all about you & your health. We are transforming the way healthcare is being Practiced, Managed, Perceived and Delivered. We will dilute the geographical boundaries & connect global healthcare ecosystem through our Platform. This is done by integrating medica...

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MEDIGO   Berlin, Germany

Not published is a curated platform that helps patients to find and book affordable, high-quality medical care worldwide, with over 300 clinics listed. Medigo is free-to-use and allows patients to compare prices, clinics, doctors and reviews and then book an appointment.

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UseOwl   Bangalore, India

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We at intend to build world’s first fitness ecosystem that enables easy access to quality information at utmost ease. We allow users to find fitness centers based on Location. Once searched, user gets access to all required information related to it right there...

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Smedle   New Delhi, India

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Ever wondered where you can get your prescribed medicines or may be, find a pharmacy which would deliver your medicines and health care products at your doorstep. This application would provide you with information about the generic alternatives available for a medicine a...

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MDsyncNET   Indianapolis, In

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MDsyncNET delivers best-in-class communications software that accelerates physician and staff communications. Eight cloud-based modules (On-Call Scheduling, Medical Staff Services, Committees, Broadcast, Phone Directories, Forum, Text Messaging, and Call Tracking) leverag...

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PatientPop   Santa Monica, California

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PatientPop is a fast-growing healthcare technology company with $75 million in funding. PatientPop has one simple mission: to help healthcare practices thrive. We do this by giving providers everything they need attract and recall patients to continuously grow their p...

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Digital Health Records - Map My Health   New Delhi, India

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Map My Health is a Unique Platform where multiple type of data can be stored at One Location ranging from Doctor prescriptions, Labs Test Reports , Medical X-rays, Bills and other relevant well-being information helpfully accessible the whole way across India. Yes it True...

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Eat Your Greens   La Habra, California

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The average American's diet is predominantly beige due to poor food choices. When the health conscious individual wants to track their food intake, they are pushed toward tedious tasks of calorie counting and cumbersome data logging which becomes too burdensome to maintai...

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MailMatters   Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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MailMatters is a powerful enhancement to Microsoft Outlook to streamline inbox management. The MailMatters robust drag-and-drop rules engine serves as a powerful alternative to Outlook rules and folders to provide filters, grouping, and views that increase individual and...

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