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E coin logo   London, UK

Not published is merging bitcoin infrastructure with traditional finances. The service makes spending bitcoin easy and fast in everyday life. Our bitcoin debit card (VISA and Mastercard) can be used anywhere - to shop online, to pay in stores and to withdraw cash at ATMs ...

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BITMONDS.COM   Milan, Italy

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Vanilla Rocket Startup launches the Bitmonds. High-definition 3D digital diamonds with which you can interact. Unique objects, generated by the user, whose designs are defined by user’s registration data. For this aspect they are all different, like users who generate the...

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Darwinex   London, United Kingdom

Darwinex helps you to identify trading talent, so you can spot those with real skill over the lucky monkey's. Using our investor platform, you can trade the best traders strategies using the risk level you choose. Our P2P asset management platform removes all intermedi...

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Rupaiya Exchange   New Delhi, India

The aim of the application is to use technology in solving the problem of lack of access to credit by individuals. The traditional credit scoring mechanism prohibits many credit seekers to obtain funds or obtain funds at a high cost. Through use of technology we would ...

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Market Prophit   New York, United States

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Market Prophit analyzes financial chatter in social media and generates real-time sentiment, buzz, and other indicators for investors. We also quantitatively rank financial bloggers based on the accuracy of their stock market commentary and track record of predictions. By...

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Wunder Capital   Boulder, Colorado

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Wunder makes investing in solar energy dead simple. It provides the expertise and partnerships to make investing in, diversifying, and optimizing a solar portfolio as easy as investing in the markets. Using proprietary risk modeling software, Wunder selects only the b...

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MatchSpread   Vancouver, Bc Canada

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MatchSpread is a marketplace for corporate foreign exchange transactions. We allow companies to request executable foreign currency Buy/Sell exchange rates from multiple FX Brokers to shop for the best rate.

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qplum   Jersey City, USA

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qplum is an online quantitative wealth management firm offering retail clients access to trading strategies that were previously the exclusive domain of institutional investors. We bring an engineering-based approach to all aspects of investment management. It begins with...

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inox capitals   Gujarat, India

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Inox Capital is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are the team of professional who are the financial experts and we advice only after complete research of market, and due to our knowledge and experience, we have gained the trust of our customers. Our utmost professional exp...

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Elorus    Athens, Greece

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Elorus Time Tracking is a brand new extension to our platform, a one-stop solution for organizing your small business and finances. Time Tracking feature is available only on BETA through the shared url, and will be launched publicly in May 2018. Track time spent on p...

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Quicko   Ahmedbad, India

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You can upload Form-16 and file Tax Return in 5 minutes on Quicko. Quicko was founded in 2015 by technologists with over a decade of experience in Banking/Financial sector in US. It was started with a purpose – to simplify the tax & compliance space for India’s growi...

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Planswell%20 %20build%20a%20plan

Planswell   Toronto, Ontario

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Planswell is a free financial planning company. Grow your wealth. Manage your borrowing. Protect your assets. Planswell builds you a free plan that ties investments, insurance and mortgages so you can maintain your lifestyle throughout work and retirement.

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Agri360   Dublin, Ireland

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Agri360 enables social and financial inclusion to the world’s smallholder farmers. Agri360 is a digital co-op management platform that connects farmers directly to markets. Agri360 creates new value in the Agri supply chain by offering transparency across the value chain.

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TradeGyani   Mumbai, India

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TradeGyani is a social trading platform (similar to etoro & ayondo) - Overarching theme is to connect smart investors with novice investors. A novice investor can see and copy the portfolios of the smart investors through their platform with a click of a button. A better...

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Moneyjar   Mumbai, India

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Moneyjar is an online financial ecosystem that provides sophisticated investment advice and seamless transactional platforms at scale. Moneyjar ​enhances​ the financial user experience by wrapping complex financial instruments into curated ​gamified ​products, making t...

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