Startups tagged: "Financial"


StretchPay   USA, Nevada

StretchPay is a new payment tool implemented as an application for PayPal. Stretchpay is a per-second billing service, protecting both the seller and buyer and making peer to peer payments transparent and clear. This is especially useful by providing services in real ...

E Commerce, Online Services, Financial, B2 B


TradeGyani   Mumbai, India

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TradeGyani is a social trading platform (similar to etoro & ayondo) - Overarching theme is to connect smart investors with novice investors. A novice investor can see and copy the portfolios of the smart investors through their platform with a click of a button. A better...

Online Trading, Financial, Fintech


MailMatters   Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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MailMatters is a powerful enhancement to Microsoft Outlook to streamline inbox management. The MailMatters robust drag-and-drop rules engine serves as a powerful alternative to Outlook rules and folders to provide filters, grouping, and views that increase individual and...

Healthcare, Financial, Legal, Corporate


Coinnext   Belgium, Europe

Coinnext provides an online trading platform for people to buy and sell digital currencies. Our ongoing mission is to offer you the best trading experience possible within a secure and reliable environment.

Bitcoin, Financial