Startups tagged: "Family"


MapOnShirt   Riga, Latvia

Designing custom T-shirts has never been easier. The MapOnShirt is the result of a perfect match between the uniqueness of maps, your creativity and high-end production technology. Designs are made from personalized maps from anywhere around the world. Pick any location a...

Family, Gifts, Geo, Travels


Ferris   Santa Monica, United States

We are a small startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferris helps people edit and share videos that are trapped on their phone. Most video apps are limited to only a few seconds or only of content that is "social media worthy" but most video that people capture is longer and ...

Mobile, Video, App, Family


Eat Kid Friendly   Missouri, United States

Not published is a web service that will allow web site visitors to become part of a community of parents and caregivers that actively analyze and review establishments from the perspective of accommodating small children. has several features tha...

Restaurants, Parents, Kids, Family

Ics%20homepage%20screenshot   Long Beach, CA

Not published is an interactive website designed to take the confusion out of informal child support agreements between two people. The site enables the users to make a customized informal agreement that mandates the agreement length, payment amount and f...

Web Application, Family, Parenting Plan, Divorce Solutions

2   Vienna, Austria

Not published bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social contacts in real life by simply using the mobile device in your pocket. Even with those friends you might not think of or you‘ve lost touch with.

Friends, Family, Students, Co Workers