Startups tagged: "Evernote"


Cubeit   Bangalore, India

Cubeit lets you save, organize, and share content from different apps in one place. So if you're collecting cool content about startups, a video about Musk goes in the same place as a tweet from Paul Graham, along with your thoughts in a note. Cubeit's interface intellig...

Android, Evernote, Content Curation, Curated Web


Centrallo   New York City, New York

Centrallo is a productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share information. Short for “Central Location,” Centrallo is a better way to manage your personal and professional life. Problem Productivity tools today don’t let people organiz...

Consumer Internet, Productivity, Evernote


Reflect   Utrecht, Netherlands

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Review, rethink, reflect Using simple and effective flashcards, Reflect regularly reminds you what you’ve saved. The more you review, the more you remember. This learning technique trains your memory to absorb information on a deeper level, to be recalled and used at an...

Software, Evernote, E Learning, Productivity