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IncuBus London   London, United Kingdom

Over the course of a 12 week programme, IncuBus London helps startups find product/market fit, build traction and get ready to pitch to accelerators and investors. The programme consists of weekly mentor and skills workshop sessions, office hours and KPI catchups. Eac...

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Aegora   Torrance, CA

If you've ever used online freelance marketplaces like UpWork or Freelancer, you'll know that the business match-making process is rarely smooth. In fact, it can be downright frustrating and heartbreaking. Aegora changes all of that by creating the first networked profess...

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Packlane   Berkeley, Us

Custom packaging in just a few clicks with a live 3D editor, quick turnaround times, incredibly low minimum order quantities, and great prices. Businesses often need to create custom packaging for their products in order to offer an incredible buyer's experience for custo...

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Feed Me Ideas   Toronto, Canada

We provide FREE original and creative business ideas and resources. We also offer premium ideas, brands, quickstart roadmaps and consulting services to kickstart your new venture! Our objective is to help individuals take that transformative first step in becoming an e...

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GrowthBites   Athens, Greece

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GrowthBites is a new service from Growthrocks, for startups and entrepreneurs. You can book a Growth Consultant and get advice and actionable strategies on Pre-launch Campaigns, User Aquisition, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Viral Marketing etc. with a standard fee ...

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AudOne   Cape Town, South Africa

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The world is increasingly becoming a place where innovation is transforming into a collaborative effort, and creative communities are the future of progress. We need to harness this unique potential that we possess as college students, with fertile minds and unwavering sp...

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Rentual   London, UK

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Our technology streamlines the process of aggregating commercial property listings from thousands of different sources into one, easy to use platform readily accessible to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, investors or anyone else looking for curre...

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StartupWings   Munich, Germany

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StartupWings connects entrepreneurs and startups worldwide in a social network. It provides every resource your startup needs with over 1000 resources, like articles, tutorials, tools, infographics, interviews and many more as well.

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BowTie   Denver, Co

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⋈ BowTie provides zero-configuration static hosting with baked in services that help you ship and scale static sites and applications faster. Need a static site or Blog? Add payments to launch your next product. Or, ship multiple iterations without building services over ...

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Tortuga Retreats   San Francisco, Us

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Tortuga Retreats makes it easier than ever for you to bring your remote team together on a fun and immersive retreat. Get to truly know the people behind the jobs. Connect, create and share incredible experiences. We organize all the details just right, so that everything...

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Toolwatcher    Manhattan, New York

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Is a software marketplace for entrepreneurs to find the tools they need to manage and grow their business. Discover and learn about different tools, from CRM tools to managing your payroll, vacation time or remote time.

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OFF3R   London, UK

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OFF3R IS THE WORLD’S FIRST MOBILE CROWDFUNDING AGGREGATOR The best way to discover and track opportunities across multiple crowdfunding platforms. An innovative & frictionless first access point to the alternative investment market. Collates investment opportunit...

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The Art of Startup Fundraising   New York, Us

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The Art of Startup Fundraising takes a fresh look at raising money for startups. Raising capital is an art. Every single ingredient needs to be perfectly balanced in the process in order to secure capital successfully. Fundraising takes work. It takes effort, time, an...

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Hustle Mode ON   Cuneo, Italy

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With 130 resources and tools, I would like to help makers and digital hustlers to save time and be more productive while they're working on their projects. So, I featured the best apps to help them meditate, create new habits, sleep better and boost their focus while t...

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Powtoonpro creating animated videos%20%282%29

PowtoonPRO   Jaipur, India

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PowtoonPRO provides awesome affordable animated videos & engaging presentations to startups, entrepreneurs & trainers. It provides end-to-end video designing services starting from script writing, voice over recording to delivering awesome animated videos. It designs expl...

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Swapskis   Halifax, Canada

Swapskis is a female-focused online community where members can save money and access the services they need to improve their businesses, homes, and lives by swapping their time and talents with other fab fems. Whether you’re on a mission to grow your clientele, sharpen y...

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IdeaSparked   Dallas, TX

IdeaSparked is a simple Idea Management tool for Entrepreneurs. IdeaSparked is what we created for Entrepreneurs like ourselves who need a way to quickly add, manage, and track their countless ideas.

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iGoStartup   Coventry, United Kingdom

iGoStartup is an online service, which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business. By completing a set of tools online, you will get a personalized report whic...

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