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Mailburn   San Francisco, California

Mailburn is an iPhone email client that shows your conversations with real people as chats, without "Show quoted text" and other distracting stuff. Conversation that takes 3 screens in Gmail app fits in one screen in Mailburn. Mailburn also has email tracking built-in so ...

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Yesware   Boston, Ma

Yesware injects data insights and sales communication tools into your existing email workspace, removing barriers to productivity and empowering sales teams to make smarter decisions, faster. Yesware augments the old-world, process-oriented approach to selling and empo...

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Popisto   Tampa, Fl

Popisto is an Automated Marketing system and simple CRM built for Small and Micro Businesses. Easy To Use, Fast To Learn, it integrates Email, Direct Mail, SMS and WebHooks into automated campaigns to help drive sales, increase customer retention, create lead generation a...

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Stamplia   Paris, France

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Stamplia is the ultimate email templates marketplace. With hundreds of editable email templates to choose from, you can find and customize a beautiful template in minutes to fit your business needs. Our drag and drop editor allows you to design emails on the fly, no codin...

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Redcappi product

RedCappi   Chicago, United States

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RedCappi is the easiest email marketing tool on the web. You can create, send and track amazing looking emails and newsletters in just minutes. Every once in a while, a tool that revolutionizes how things are done comes a long! RedCappi is that tool! Take control of your ...

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Founders Connect   Hong Kong, China

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We send startups 10 to 20 companies in growth mode via email every day so they can reach out to each company directly to fill their sales pipe line.

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SellHack   Cleveland, Ohio

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Have you ever wanted to send an email to a potential customer, business partner, employee or investor but couldn't find their email address? We created SellHack to solve this problem. Download our browser extension and create a free account to start finding valid emails. ...

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Mobifile   Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Mobifile is a new kind of inbox. One place where you can get, manage and search all your files and documents from all your applications including Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can swipe your files to the archive after reviewing th...

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Big beatsend betalist

BeatSend   Copenhagen, Denmark

BeatSend makes it possible for musicians and bands to send their music to over 350 music blogs and sites at once, thereby greatly increasing their chance of receiving media coverage, promotion and getting the attention of influential tastemakers.

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Audio Press   Austin, TX

Browsing, curating, and reading the news can become a chore when it really shouldn't be. With Audio Press, we want to not only save you time, but also deliver the news to you that really matters. After signing up for a category, we'll send you an audio file with your pers...

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Acompli product hero

Acompli   San Francisco, CA USA

Acompli allows professionals to take more action with email on their mobile devices. Leveraging the full capabilities of smartphones, Acompli uniquely combines advanced email, full calendaring, file sharing, predictive search and smart contacts into one powerful app. The ...

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