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Plango planner

Plango   CA, USA

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Brief description: Plango helps you find an itinerary shared by other travelers, tweak it to fit you, and book it. Problem it solves: Planning a trip is stressful, spending months of your free time flipping through guides, digging through online reviews, and asking f...

Millennial Consumers, Travelers, Travel Agents, Early Adopters


Roost   London, UK

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Roost is great for couples to house hunt on the go. Pair up with your partner via Facebook and the properties you both like ping up as 'matches'. Simply swipe through properties based on your search criteria. Then set up viewings, focussing only on the places you ...

Couples, Students, Early Adopters, House Hunters


Axis Drones   New York, Us

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Learn to Fly For Less. Tiny Drones for under $50. Axis Drones has designed a line of small, beginner and budget friendly remote controlled quadcopters (drones) for indoor/outdoor practice and fun.

Consumers, Early Adopters, Techies, Rc Enthusiasts


Turing Email   Menlo Park, CA

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Turing Email is the most advanced and feature-rich inbox for power email users. Turing Email is an email client that you can use with your existing email accounts that is packed with innovative features packaged into a beautiful design.

Power Emailers, Early Adopters


Eclips   Los Angeles, Us

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Eclips provides a powerful new way for users to consume video — bookmark it, and “clip” the best parts of videos from anywhere on the web, automatically save them to your personal library, and even discuss specific moments. Then access your clips anywhere. Eclips is the f...

Consumers, Teens, Students, Early Adopters