Startups tagged: "Document Management"

Manage from anywhere v4

Worksfire   Murrieta, California

Worksfire is a California-based tech startup combines project management, social collaboration, digital documents, and business listings in one easy to use system. Connecting tasks, projects, documents and people, Worksfire allows you to work better together to accomplish...

Project Management, Task Management, Document Management, Collaboration

Collectizi browser mockup

Collectizi   Paris, France

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A better way to collect a list of required documents Collectizi makes it easy for teams and businesses around the world to collect, approve and share required lists of documents without hassle. Whether you need to gather documents, files and information from a cowo...

Saa S, Document Management, Productivity, Document Collection

Doxter 1

Doxter   Minsk, Belarus

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Doxter is a software that helps technical writers create and publish project documentation. - Format text just as fast as you type with markdown or use a well-known WYSIWYG editor. - Structure your documentation, add tags, use content hierarchy and sectioning. - Invi...

SaaS, Development, Document Management, Knowledge Management