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Bunchcut   San Francisco, California

Bunchcut saves teams and individuals time when working on images. You and your team can use it to store all your digital assets in one central place. You can simply comment, send, tag images and create folders.

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U%20sh1   London, United Kingdom is a completely free file sharing service, upload files without limits, securely & anonymously. Files are encrypted & stored securely in the cloud, they can be permanent or given an expiry date. (Default is 30 days) Upload your files now and get your sha...

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VRTÜL   Cardiff By The Sea, USA

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We are a platform for viewing 360 and VR videos. We offer free development services to embed links, images, and videos into visual objects within each each experience. See: We are solving the technical issues of offering to consumers organi...

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Makibot Forest Journey   Sydney, Australia

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Brief description: Makibot is a side-scrolling adventure, starring a cute large-eyed steampunk robot that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The game boasts twenty different levels with a mix of puzzles and the popular “jump and run” style gaming where a steampunk robot has ...

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Read   Paris, France

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Read is an ePub reading app that helps pro-readers retain more from their readings thanks to multiple APIs they can connect to. (Dropbox, Evernote, Drive) Remembering what we read is a pain-point for avid readers. So how to save the quintessence of a book? We built the s...

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Alternote    Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Evernote integration makes it very easy to migrate — all your notes are already in place. Distraction-free mode, night color scheme and offline support help you to craft better texts anytime, anywhere.

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Minimalist Watches   London, UK

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One sentence pitch of startup We make minimalistic styled watches for men and women. Brief description of what it does We operate as an e-commerce store for people to purchase our minimal designed products.

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Postwaves   Los Angeles, Us

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Postwaves allows anyone to create a public or private board for a community based around their interests or goals. Posts that are submitted are shown to a random cross section of the community to vote on, ensuring all posts have an equal chance of being seen. We've seen s...

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HTML to Wordpress   Helsinki, Finland

Not published is a simple drag & drop web app to convert any website into a wordpress theme in seconds. Two main use cases it’s been developed for: 1)Convert current website into wordpress without the hassle it entails (paying for the service or the ti...

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Spaces   Ontario, Canada

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Create landing pages integrated with payments in no time, with no hassle. And it's free to use! Create a landing page in no time. Sell your service and product easily. Spaces is simply the best way to validate and build a new business.

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Crowdsite   Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

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Crowdsite's new Shout service is as easy as Twitter and yet more powerful than Freelancer. It matches freelancers and those seeking services, based on a 140-character long interactive message. With the Crowdsite Shout service you can describe your project in 140 character...

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Dezo   Bern, Switzerland

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Dezo allows creatives to integrate all their social media profiles in one place, create a super profile that is always up to date, and get introduced to new work opportunities. Dezo is a tool and the easiest way for creatives to connect all their creative work in one pla...

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Hustle Mode ON   Cuneo, Italy

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With 130 resources and tools, I would like to help makers and digital hustlers to save time and be more productive while they're working on their projects. So, I featured the best apps to help them meditate, create new habits, sleep better and boost their focus while t...

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DesignBro   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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DesignBro connects hand-curated top quality designers from all over the world with clients looking for Logo Design, Packaging Design, and Brand Identity Design. That's why DesignBro is the World's Highest Quality Affordable Design Service.

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