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SprayPrinter   Tartu, Estonia

SprayPrinter is a wireless device that converts digital designs into wall art from your smartphone. All you need is to download an application to your smart phone, choose your favourite image, attach the Sprayprinternozzle on a spray can and start printing a picture of...

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Youzign   Brussels, Belgium

Meet Youzign: the new design software from YMB Properties that makes it incredibly easy for any business to create engaging graphics. Marketing materials are an essential part of business -- especially in the 21st century. Today, even small mom-and-pop shops can live a...

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Almagreta   California, USA

Almagreta is a company specializing in powerful yet beautiful and easy-to-use templates for everyday use. Almagreta delivers nicely crafted designs in Word and Powerpoint to create perfect resumes, newsletters, presentations, reports.

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Posterini   San Francisco, USA

Quickly design and promote professional digital posters & marketing flyers. There is nothing to Install and it offers unlimited Re-Editing capabilities. Save time/effort, get more followers/customers for your products, services, news, events and yourself.

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Workshop   California, United States

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Workshop is a tiny private newsletter that sends gig opportunities to freelance web designers and developers. Instead of having to scour the web for leads, I send the top 10 best opportunities to your email every day. It's like cloning yourself so you never have to look f...

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Imcites web

Imcites   Lithuania, Vilnius

Not published is a showcase of motivational and inspirational illustrated quotes and posters created by graphic designers, illustrators and hand lettering artists. Imcite is a inspirational citation, words of wisdom, saying or personal insight delivered in a visual form...

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Mozaico   Naperville, Illinois

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We are caterers of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is made from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. Our mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques applying a modern twist from our artists. Our artists wil...

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AYN InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.   Wakad Pune, India

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Create your corporate Image with the impressive, responsive & compelling website to increase brand recall value & customer engagement! “A website is the very first impression your business creates on your target consumers.” Web Application development or website develop...

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DesignBro   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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DesignBro connects hand-curated top quality designers from all over the world with clients looking for Logo Design, Packaging Design, and Brand Identity Design. That's why DesignBro is the World's Highest Quality Affordable Design Service.

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Delesign   San Jose, California

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Delesign provides startups, business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a dedicated senior-level designer. For a flat monthly rate, complete all your graphic design, animation, web & app, UI/UX, and illustration projects (and more) on time.

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Makemove   Stockholm, Sweden

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We try to establish an alternative for professional networking, a mobile envi- ronment driven by startup culture and innovation, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative knowledge. You could say that Makemove is the pocket version of the Silicon ...

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Appcues   Boston, USA

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Appcues is a User Onboarding Software platform to help you captivate your users right away and ensure more of them turn into highly engaged customers. With Appcues, you can build native onboarding flows and tutorials that personalize each user’s experience based on who th...

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Visulance   London, UK

Visulance is a new online platform that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with freelancers quickly and easily without the need for employers to sign up. We simply let you connect to the people you need to be connected to. Whether you need a photographer f...

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