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Dataedo   Gdansk, Poland

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Dataedo - next generation database documentation tool. And here's what makes it different: ADD MORE METADATA - ADD VALUE TO DOCUMENTATION Users can define virtual relationships between tables and virtual unique keys - the ones that aren't defined in the database bu...

Data, Website, Database


JsonWhois   Essex, United Kingdom

We provide a whois api in json format, normalising a complex data form into an easy to use one. Allowing bulk lookups quickly and regularly.

Saa S, Json, Whois, Data


Data Elixir   Greeley, Colorado

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Data Elixir helps data scientists and engineers stay current with the latest news and technologies. We track down the best data-related news, resources, and inspirations from around the web each week and publish the collection as a free newsletter. Our subscribers stay up...

Analytics, Data, Data Science, machine learning

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Indicative   New York, United States

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Analytics that tell you how to grow your business. Marketers, product managers, and business analysts use Indicative to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention. Indicative connects to all your customer touchpoints, synthesizes them into a complete view ...

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ChartBlocks   London, UK

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ChartBlocks is an online software platform that lets you quickly and easily build embeddable, shareable charts. Import data, design your chart and then share online or download as a vector graphic. If you've ever tried to make a chart you'll know that it's easy enough ...

SaaS, Data, Visualisation, Charts