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SoundLogin   Izhevsk, Russia

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SoundLogin is a solution that simplifies two-factor authentication process. It relies on audio watermarking technology to transfer one-time passwords (received via SMS or generated by application) from mobile device to desktop browser. It is compatible with standard two-f...

Internet Security, Cybersecurity

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tuCloud | Safeweb Engine   Walnut, California

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tuCloud are the developers of the Safeweb Engine, a new kind of cybersecurity platform designed to physically isolate malware and cyber risks. The Safeweb Engine physically isolates malware by providing users with 'disposable' desktops and browsers for one time use. Th...

Cybersecurity, Defense, Security, Network Security

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vpntesting   USA, Boston

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Educational content, tools and methods to prevent cybersecurity threats. We save your money, energy and time. VPN services give you the privacy you need for browsing at a reasonable price − sometimes even for free. Our company researches the best secure VPN services to...

Cybersecurity, Privacy