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CrankWheel   Reykjavík, Iceland

Instantly share your browser tab or screen with no preparation required Free for individual use (including commercial use) for one-on-one screen sharing 5-second install for the agent/presenter No install for your customer/viewer, even on their mobile Works on...

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wipply   London, UK

wipply allows you to **receive calls** and **chats** from customers visiting your site and gather contextual information about them. You will know **which product your customers are looking at** when they call you, even before answering, **how much money they've got in...

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Happyfoxchat live chat interface

HappyFox Chat   Irvine, CA

Generate qualified marketing leads faster and cost-effectively, than any other marketing channel. Customer Engagement Made Meaningful And Personal. An intelligent live chat software that helps dramatically reduce response times & provide efficient customer service.

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Whatfix   Banglore, India

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Whatfix helps business to simplify the online experience of users by eliminating confusions and doubts. Use Whatfix and enhance self service capability of your product. Whatfix features: 1. Create walkthrough with just few clicks: No coding skills, no training needed ...

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Ranketo   Santa Clara, USA

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Ranketo is not just a helpdesk, it is customer communication and analytics platform. Make your customers happy and enhance company brand using unified customer communication and analysis platform with behavior prediction system. Focus on improving customer experienc...

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Nudgespot   San Francisco, USA

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Nudgespot is a messaging platform that lets you acquire customers and engage them via in-app messaging, email, push and SMS notifications. The platform has a powerful multi-channel marketing automation core plus a real-time messenger that lets you track user activities an...

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Lime talk product

Lime Talk   Prague, Czech Republic

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Easy to use live chat software for your website. Affordable prices, mobile support. Our primary goal is to provide service that enables you to get in touch with your customers and increase your company profit. We aim to provide you with an application that is user-friendl...

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Rocketbots   Hong Kong, China

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Rocketbots is a chat automation platform that enables companies to scale their customer engagement without growing their teams. Three key elements make this a reality: Chat Automation Tools: To communicate with people en masse, the Rocketbots Platform provides customiz...

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2   San Francisco, California

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Quickly create relevant help messages for users without a developer. Place hotspots on your site to explain navigation and communicate relevant information to users to answer frequent questions right on the screen and decrease customer support queries.

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Texo cc 01   Pa, USA

Not published is an Agile Customer Interaction hub on cloud, enabling you to build Personalized engagements across the customer journey. empowers users to quickly innovate with minimal technical Intervention, thereby challenging the status quo of traditional inbound, ou...

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Screenshot small lowreskeeping   Geneva, Switzerland

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Keeping™ is the world’s first helpdesk that works inside Gmail. Keeping™ is a Gmail extension that adds helpdesk functionalities to any Gmail or Google App email accounts.It allows you and your team to manage customers support more efficiently directly from your curren...

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