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Catapultian   Brooklyn, NY

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Catapultian in a central hub for all your charitable giving. With Catapultian you will be able to support all your favorite charities while tracking and managing your giving better. Additionally, in the coming months we will be rolling out a managed crowdfunding platform ...

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Prikk fbus klein

PRIKK   Vienna, Austria

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PRIKK elevates crowdfunding on a new level. No fees or commissions for the raised sums will be retained. Average fees are ranging in most crowdfunding platforms from 4% to 15%. In addition, 3% to 5% transaction-costs are added in many crowdfunding platforms. PRIKK takes 0...

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Raizers   Paris, France

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Raizers is an online investment platform that allows every person or company to build and follow its own portfolio through a full catalogue of European SMEs, selected by our analysts team. Since its accreditation as Participative Investment Advisor in France, Raizers...

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Designbook   Burlington, Vermont

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What do all startup founders need? More time, passionate collaborators and investors! Designbook is the place where you as a startup founder can find the people and money that you need to launch and grow your startup in a new, efficient and innovative way. After all, now ...

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