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Spora   San Francisco, Us

Spora improves the online giving experience with a completely re-imagined user interface, fine tuning the log in process, allowing a giver to sign up and give in minutes. Using a giving meter now givers can see the difference they make when they click "send," and the met...

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Birthday Mates   Cape Town, South Africa

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Birthday Mates is a social networking website that groups people who share similar birthdays, usually within 1-3 weeks of each other, allows them exchange gifts and get gifts from family & friends on their birthday, have joint/group birthday celebrations (those in the sam...

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Penny Pledge   Salt Lake City, United States

Penny Pledge is a platform that enables anyone in the world to donate pennies to online content. Users can donate as much or as little as they’d like to Youtube videos, blogs, music, games, sites like Wikipedia or to anything else on the internet. The simple pain Penny P...

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Envelope Registry    Brunswick East, Australia

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Envelope Registry helps couples request contributions toward their wedding registry. Couples create a wish list of items or experiences and share it with their guests. Their guests choose the items that they love and then make contributions that Envelope forwards the coup...

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