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Flee   Boston, Us

With Flee, I can be in any application, see my lists with a quick scroll and be back to what I was doing without interrupting my workflow. Flee gives you space for ten lists and everyone who downloads Flee uses them differently.

Developers, Students, Creatives, Planners


Actions s.r.l.   Torino, Italy

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Quadro turns your iOS device into a customizable control center for computer applications. Lead using touches instead of dragging your mouse around and getting lost in menubars. Set the stage for a smooth workflow, customising the function and look of any command to yo...

Creatives, Consumers, Tech Savvy, Digital Natives

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Dezo   Bern, Switzerland

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Dezo allows creatives to integrate all their social media profiles in one place, create a super profile that is always up to date, and get introduced to new work opportunities. Dezo is a tool and the easiest way for creatives to connect all their creative work in one pla...

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