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Backroom   New York, United States

A content messenger for friends to share and chat privately over articles, videos, tweets, or any media. Currently, these private conversations are spread out across emails, text messengers or other platforms which also provide a private message feature (e.g. Twitter DM)....

Mobile, Messaging, Content Discovery, Dark Social


Gogo   Gurgaon, India

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Gogo is a personalised content screen on the android user’s lock screen. While content is the main hook for the user, the user can also earn data, talktime and rewards for using the app. This venture is essentially solving the content discovery problem for the Indian user.

Android, Mobile, Content Discovery

Nativeads site screenshot 3

Native Ads, Inc   Vancouver, Bc

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Native Ads, Inc. is content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform that facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale across websites, mobile web and apps. The company has developed a scalable, easy to use, self...

Content Discovery, Publishers, Advertisers, Web Services