Startups tagged: "Content Curation"


Cubeit   Bangalore, India

Cubeit lets you save, organize, and share content from different apps in one place. So if you're collecting cool content about startups, a video about Musk goes in the same place as a tweet from Paul Graham, along with your thoughts in a note. Cubeit's interface intellig...

Android, Evernote, Content Curation, Curated Web


Keeeb   Hamburg, Germany

Keeeb is reinventing business research. With a unique new user experience we empower enterprises to be more productive and achieve higher goals in a competitive mobile first and cloud first environment. After the launch in January 2013, Keeeb has been building a new so...

Saa S, Content Curation, Curated Web


Tree   Tallinn, Estonia

* Connect with people on specific topics * Discover quality content without ads * Share and save your new findings Users follow each other within categories: they are only exposed to content that matters to them.

Webapp, Socialbookmarking, Content Curation, Browser Extensions