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Outer Places   New York City, United States

Not published is a media/entertainment destination at the dynamic intersection where science meets science fiction. Outer Places creates and curates news, interviews, reviews and user-generated content from across the worlds of science and science fiction. Whether you'r...

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Pk screen

Pike   San Francisco, USA

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Pike is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to share and discuss the interesting things you find online with your friends right there on the webpage privately. With Pike installed, whilst reading any interesting article on the web, highlight the most interesting...

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Vidinterest   Kathmandu, Nepal

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Imagine you are watching a video on ‪‎YouTube‬, then you watch on, then you watch a video on ‪Dailymotion‬ or ‪‎Vimeo‬. It is painful and impossible to remember the source of each video or randomly bookmark them. ‪‎Vidinterest‬ allows you to seamlessly archive...

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Screenshot 2018 06 28%20thishosting%20rocks%20%e2%80%93%20linux%2c%20web%20hosting%2c%20and%20everything%20else%20in%20between

ThisHosting.Rocks   Tampa, USA

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The ultimate content on Linux, web hosting, and everything else in between. We strive to publish the best content available on any topic we tackle. Bringing something new to the table while making all information easily accessi ble and readable by anyone.

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Screenshot 2018 07 28%20feenta%20your%20online%20home

Feenta   New York, USA

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A website for everyday entertainment. Stay up to date on the latest and learn what you need to know. We strive to be your new online home with unique and interesting content. Whatever category you are interested in, we have it, with high quality, interesting content that ...

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