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Photomyne   Tel Aviv, Israel

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Photomyne enables smartphone users to digitize photo albums in the quickest, safest, and most convenient way. Using a smartphone’s camera, Photomyne allows users to scan multiple photos in a single shot without taking them out of the album. In turn, it automatically recog...

Consumers, Age 40 And Above, I Phone Users, Digital Photo Album

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Credit Kudos   London, UK

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Credit Kudos helps users understand their financial health and how to improve it. Users get insight into their spending and a free credit rating check. Our goal is rid the world of problem debt by proactively informing people when they are going off course and giving them...

Consumers, Financial Services

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Flyreel   Denver, Us

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Flyreel is an iOS app that lets people post videos that others can add-on to. People are already using Flyreel for things like guitar battles, getting answers to questions, starting movements, and even just video chatting with friends. The app is available for free in the...

Marketers, Consumers, Promoters, Viners

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Say Hi!   London, England

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Say Hi allows you to send what you type while you're typing! With faster replies and hilarious messages guaranteed, we're showing you both sides of the story. We're moving forward from static and synchronous messaging. You've never seen messaging like this. It's fa...

Consumers, Students, Teenagers, Universities


TickPick   NY, United States

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TickPick is a marketplace to Buy, Bid On and Sell Tickets with confidence. It shows you the best deals with proprietary algorithms and helps you pick the best available seats at the best price. All this at zero buyer fees.

Fans, Sport Enthusiasts, Pop Fans, Consumers



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The Sling is the ideal bag for everyday adventure, it’s perfectly sized to carry all your daily tech-essentials and be worn comfortably all day. Made of high-quality nylons both inside and out, it is also water resistant to keep your valuables safe. Don’t be fooled by it’...

Consumers, Lifestyle, Bags, Ecommerse

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loveposted   Halmstad, Sweden

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Loveposted is inspired by But instead of selling pixles, it uses so called "slots" for storing a posted picture with its dedication text. The slots will be shown on the homepage in descending order - the order also decides the price of a slot wi...

Consumers, Love, Dating, Courtesy

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PhoneDrone   Sandpoint, Idaho

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PhoneDrone Ethos is a device that gives your smartphone wings, allowing you to deploy your smart phone as an autonomous aerial camera. Insert your smart phone in PhoneDrone to give it the ability to fly and autonomously follow you while taking video and pictures. It can...

Consumers, Lifestyle


Gospik   Henderson, Nevada

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Gospik is a browser extension built for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that is replacing the sponsored ads from righthand side of Google with a communication tool, where users can post news, informations, opinions, photos, videos, related to what they are searching on Google,...

Consumers, Marketers, Bloggers, Journalists


Sock Club   Austin, TX

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Sock Club - American made socks delivered to our members once a month. Sock Club is a clothing service that delivers the finest American made socks once a month. Our monthly socksubscription service makes a great gift.

Consumers, Gifts


Happy Dog app   Nsw, Australia

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A dog app that shares happiness. It’s like an Instagram feed for pets, only funnier. The Happy Dog App has three main aspects: 1. Posting and sharing your photos on social media – the ability to upload and enhance a photo using fun effects like moustaches, hats, and...

Consumers, Entertainment, Dog Owner, Pet Owner

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Cloudetect   Palo Alto, Us

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Discover your most important docs that are buried in the cloud! Brief description of what it does- Your vital documents are scattered. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, email... Do you know where your docs are? Cloudetect will help you to.

Consumers, Mobile Users, Internet Users


Christmafy   Austin, Texas

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Christmafy takes boring ordinary photos and makes them awesome with a few Christmas appropriate decorations. Share holiday cheer with your friends by Christmafying photos of you together. Christmafy helps you make fun Christmas cards to share with your friends and family...

Consumers, Internet Users, Christmas, Cards

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VetPronto   San Francisco, California

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VetPronto is a house call veterinary service that provides the highest quality and most convenient care. We can provide wellness exams, prescriptions, vaccinations, diagnostics and minor procedures all in the comfort of your home.

Pet Owners, Consumers


mememasks   Leeds, UK

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Fun masks of your favourite memes! Brighten up any party with these hilarious masks. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, why not brighten it up with these hilarious masks. Your friends and family will love them!

Meme, Internet, Consumers, Users


Silent Partner   San Francisco, United States

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Silent Partner's pioneering approach quiets the snoring noise at its source creating a silent zone around the person wearing it, giving you and those around you a better night's sleep. Silent Partner utilizes Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC) which senses the sn...

Consumers, Spouse, Singles, Bachelors


Sunshine App Inc.   San Francisco, United States

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Sunshine allows you to: -Transfer, download, backup, & play large files without the cloud. -Fast transfers and streaming. Like among the fastest. -Free. And NO limits on file size or count -Direct sharing tech --> actual file contents are never seen by a third-party ...

Consumers, Mobile App


CM Fusion   Mo, Us

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CM Fusion helps construction teams stay better connected and organized by managing all project information in one place.CM Fusion keeps all your project information in one place, accessible from any device. Keep your project documents organized and synced. Track your p...

Consumers, SaaS


Rabbler   Address 41 Lorong N, Telok Kurau Singapore 425166

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With Rabbler you can Tweet up-to 256 characters Launch media rich polls in various formats ( Multiple Choice, Rating, Ranking, Free Answers ). Share on FB, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Direct Message anyone in your contact list who also uses Rabbler. In...

Consumers, Mobileapp


Actions s.r.l.   Torino, Italy

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Quadro turns your iOS device into a customizable control center for computer applications. Lead using touches instead of dragging your mouse around and getting lost in menubars. Set the stage for a smooth workflow, customising the function and look of any command to yo...

Creatives, Consumers, Tech Savvy, Digital Natives


Sell Your Used iPhones (SYUI)   Reno, Nevada

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SYUI makes selling online simple. As an Apple product buyback service, the company is geared towards providing a simple and profitable means of selling used iPhones and iPads. Customers simply select their device on the site, receive a quote, and place an order. Each orde...

Consumers, Power Users


Doneo Castle   San Diego, Us

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Doneo Castle is the first product created by Doneo LLC in October 2015. It is a cloud based security solution for individual clients around the world who connect to it via a VPN connection that surely has no process on their device. Its core is a CMTPS (Cloud-based Multi-...

Consumers, Internet Users, Developers, Data Centers


Bill-in-here   Bangalore, India

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Bill-in-here automagically brings all your digital and manual bills at your finger tips making official reimbursements simple and you super productive. It also lets you stay on top of your bill payments, warranty claims and above all organized and stress free!

Consumers, Retailers, Corporates, Business Folks


Eclips   Los Angeles, Us

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Eclips provides a powerful new way for users to consume video — bookmark it, and “clip” the best parts of videos from anywhere on the web, automatically save them to your personal library, and even discuss specific moments. Then access your clips anywhere. Eclips is the f...

Consumers, Teens, Students, Early Adopters


Debonair Scent   Dallas, Us

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Debonair Scent is a monthly cologne discovery service. Every month we hand-select three different colognes, perfect for you, from hundreds of authentic designer and niche brands and ship them direct to your door for only $15 a month.

Consumers, Men

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Post Post   México City, México

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The solution is Post Post, the digital service for keeping confidential information. With Post Post you decide which files and information are stored in our secure servers and who will have access to these in case of death. Yes, you tell us who will receive your informa...

Consumers, Mobileapp


tuQuejaSuma   Buenos Aires, Argentina

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CrowdSolving community where companies and consumers collaborate to resolve consumer complaints. By integrating social media and recommendation systems, we created a win-win scenario where consumers get help faster while companies improve their customer loyalty and online...

Complaints, Consumers, Crowdsourcing, Customer Service