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2   Melbourne, Australia is a collection of handpicked tools to help you build websites, logos, resumes, videos and more, all in one location. The idea is to provide a single location where you can go to find all the best online builders.

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2   Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs and all different kinds of files, so why not websites? adds a layer on top of Dropbox technolog...

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Influenster   NY, United States

Influenster is the ultimate hub for product discovery. Influenster is a product discovery platform that encourages social activity about products, guides consumers on how to use products, and informs about what’s new and noteworthy. We help brands amplify their messagi...

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Mezi   San Francisco, CA

Mezi is your personal shopping assistant. It's the simplest way to buy anything just by sending a text message. Mezi saves you time by choosing the best reviewed products for you from leading merchants. No more maintaining multiple accounts, filling credit card detail...

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Glo   Colorado, United States

Glo ( is the uber-personalizable and streamlined way to invite, inform & organize your wedding guests. We offer an integrated suite of online wedding invitations & save the dates + wedding websites + online wedding RSVPs + guest list management and messagin...

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RSVP Law   Encinitas, California

We offer free help to find a lawyer. Whatever type of lawyer a person, start-up or company may need, you receive help by real people to find what you want. We believe there is a need to make finding a lawyer more familiar and human. It is a challenge and sometimes d...

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Geebus   NY, United States

Geebus provides the most accurate product ratings on the web by collecting and aggregating expert reviews and customer reviews from all over the internet. Days of shopping research is now done in seconds. Just tell Geebus what your shopping for and the internets BEST r...

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Penny Pledge   Salt Lake City, United States

Penny Pledge is a platform that enables anyone in the world to donate pennies to online content. Users can donate as much or as little as they’d like to Youtube videos, blogs, music, games, sites like Wikipedia or to anything else on the internet. The simple pain Penny P...

Consumer Internet, Crowd Funding, Micro Donations, Ad Free Internet


Centrallo   New York City, New York

Centrallo is a productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share information. Short for “Central Location,” Centrallo is a better way to manage your personal and professional life. Problem Productivity tools today don’t let people organiz...

Consumer Internet, Productivity, Evernote


Man of Many   Sydney, Australia

Man of Many is a digital platform showcasing the latest trends in men’s products, culture and style. The evolution of Man of Many has transitioned from humble begins as a men’s gear blog, to an influential, award winning online magazine featuring fresh and exciting male-f...

Consumer Internet, Fashion, Tech, Shopping

2   Berglen, Germany is a Portal-as-a-Service(PaaS) Enterprise-Commerce solution, which allows our customers to create and connect holistic omni-channel scenarios for online, mobile and stationary branches in combination with fullservice logistics services. Imagine a retailer wit...

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Boxana   London, United Kingdom

Want to organise your productivity without hassle? Have trouble keeping track of your team, yourself or your company? Boxana is a solid core of lists, tasks and 'streams', with a vast array of easy to integrate add-ons providing the power you need. Whether you are ...

Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Project Management, Productivity


Our Family Lives (TV)   San Francisco, CA

Today’s modern families are separated by time, place, and technology know-how. What if there were a central place for every generation in a family to share, interact and truly collaborate to bring your family’s most meaningful digital mementos to life (no matter where the...

Consumer Internet, Saa S, Cms, Entertainment


Cat in a Flat   London, United Kingdom

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We are a cat-loving, cat-worshipping cat-sitting community that connects cat owners with trusted cat sitters in their area. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own home while their owner is away. Cat owners can review, rate and share the best sitters ...

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Respelt   Serbia, Montenegro

Not published helps you find spelling errors on your website. Use our service to fix those pesky spelling errors, improve readability, visitor retention, SEO score. Featuring automatic daily checks (using your RSS feed) and paid full site scans.

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Page00   Noida, India

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We are building Page00 with an aim to have a user-first platform where one can quickly publish and manage individual webpages online. If someone needs a quick page for his/her project, android app or for writing a story, he/she can use Page00. Page00 has got inbuilt stati...

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Knicket App Search   Berlin, Germany

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Ever tried to find an app? Got lost in endless app store search results lists? The independent app search engine Knicket solves that problem. By using tags and filters, clear up the app jungle and find true app highlights. Knicket offers the latest and coolest apps on...

Consumer Internet, Apps, Search, Games


GripeO   Kemah, United States

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GripeO is a modern customer service platform for consumers and businesses, which uses mobile and social technologies to address growing frustration in how we provide companies feedback. Users submit feedback for any business from one consolidated mobile app, or website, t...

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CharacTour   Chicago, United States

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CharacTour helps you find your next favorite movie, TV show, book, or video game based on what matters most: characters. Through our “Get Matched” personality quiz and recommendations based on similar characters – both utilizing our patent-pending matching algorithm – and...

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Rabble.TV   NY, United States

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Rabble.TV is a new kind of television experience where users are in charge of the audio. The Rabble website and app deliver social audio for everyone from sports fans tired of listening to national broadcasters mangle coverage of their favorite teams to reality show devot...

Consumer Internet, Alternate Audio, Podcast, Streaming


GetSerio   Sydney, Australia

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GetSerio is where serious companies and reliable freelancers meet their match. We're so serious about finding quality jobs and talent online that we put it in our name. Then we got out of the way. Post and apply for an unlimited number of jobs and we charge no fees or com...

Consumer Internet, Freelancing, Freelancer, Freelance Work


GimmeAnother Mobile App   Illinois, United States

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We created an app (iOS and Android -- available now) that takes all the friction out of the product re-order experience at over 10,000 stores. Instead of a clunky mobile checkout process that takes minutes, you can place a re-order in 10 seconds with GimmeAnother. Full...

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Jodi Logik   Chennai, India

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Create a beautiful profile for marriage on Jodi Logik. Choose from our library of handcrafted, downloadable templates or use our online biodata that comes with secure sharing via trackable email invitations and chat features. Create a great first impression with a Jodi Lo...

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Wherewithal   New York City, New York

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Wherewithal helps you start building your savings without ever depositing a penny. When you do your usual online shopping, you’ll earn cash back that we’ll automatically save and invest for you. With the personal savings rate for millennials at -2%, Wherewithal aims to tu...

Consumer Internet, E Commerce, Finance, Personal Finance


PWUL   London, UK

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Want it. Track it. Get it for less. You tell us what you want. We tell you when it's reduced or hits a target you set. PWUL is your personal shopper, budgeter and sales spy all rolled into one. Here are just a few reasons it’s the smartest way to shop. Ever bought...

Consumer Internet, Retail, Tracking, Saving

2   San Francisco, California

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Quickly create relevant help messages for users without a developer. Place hotspots on your site to explain navigation and communicate relevant information to users to answer frequent questions right on the screen and decrease customer support queries.

Consumer Internet, Customer Support, Usability, Web design


Cyph   Herndon, Va

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Cyph is a next-generation messenger app that makes privacy the new status quo. Cyph hands you a single shortlink to share with your friend, then encapsulates the entire encrypted chat right in the browser. When you close the window, it disappears without a trace. ...

Consumer Internet, Mobile, Security, Social network


Outpour   San Francisco, CA

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When is the last time you told your best friend that he is amazing? Or, for that matter, your favorite teacher that he changed your life, your coworker that she makes work fun, or your hero that you admire her? With Outpour 30 seconds on your phone can make a huge impact ...

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clipchamp   Brisbane, Australia

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clipchamp's free in-browser video processor lets users convert and compress videos to MP4 or WMV. They can also record short video clips with their webcam - clipchamp is one of only a few apps that offers this functionality on Chromebooks. In addition, users can create a...

Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet, Media, Software


Imagpic   New York City, New York

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Imagpic app allows website owners turn every image into a shopping gallery. It connects visitors to items they want by placing tags that link to products featured in pictures. Visitors can switch between tag display and product information display - this helps them feel i...

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