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Pivotdesk   Boulder, United States

Businesses are dynamic. Real estate isn't. PivotDesk enables businesses to grow fluidly within the static real estate infrastructure by connecting companies with excess space to companies that need it. Flexible agreements eliminate the risk of a long-term lease, allowing ...

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Linkency   Scottsdale, Arizona

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Linkency is a free real estate marketplace where a homebuyer or homeseller finds, connects and negotiates terms and commissions with real estate professionals in their area . Open competition between professionals will result in better service offerings and substantial...

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Share Your Office   San Francisco, CA

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SYO provides listings of shared office space around the world. It's a service for professionals looking to share their office space: small teams and startups that are expanding on one hand, larger companies with extra office space available on the other. Share Your Off...

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Birdnest   San Francisco, United States

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Online marketplace for startups and small businesses to easily find under-utilized office spaces. By focusing on the sub-2000 sqft market, we can focus on customer experience by giving them more and better options, more pictures, and no jargon. Backed by Alchemist ...

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