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WPide   Timisoara, Romania

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We are about to launch the first cloud IDE custom made for WordPress developers. It has features like code completion, plugin/theme scaffolding and code snippets, all custom made for WordPress. You can launch development WordPress instances directly from the app, and they...

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Blocks   Osaka, Japan

Empowering designers to build great websites without touching a line of code. Tons of elements, drag and drop designing, build in real-time without a developer. The web tool that really will save you 8.5 hours per week Design responsive websites with ease. No really. ...

Cloud Computing, Web design, Development


GladMinds Technologies   Bangalore, India

GladMinds Connect Platform helps Brands and Customers to be engaged with each other enabling a superior experience and satisfaction. Simplify Life with GCP. For brands, the platform provides a continuous and closed loop connection with the consumer community for commun...

Cloud Computing, Saa S

2   Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs and all different kinds of files, so why not websites? adds a layer on top of Dropbox technolog...

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Flokzu   Montevideo, Uruguay

Flokzu is a cloud app to define and automate document workflows between people, in organizations or teams. It lets you centralize every form, document or file in just one place, search through them, manage pending tasks and create alerts, eliminating the need of compl...

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VPNwise   Ottawa, Canada

VPNwise is ready to go in just seconds, giving you the freedom to stream your favorite TV, movies and music streaming services from all over the world. Our Smart DNS technology always connects you to the fastest datacenter, giving you blazing fast, secure access to an unl...

Cloud Computing, Smart Dns, Unblock Netflix, Vpn Services

Monsta ss

MONSTA   Auckland, New Zealand

MONSTA Box is an open source (free to use) web-based file manager for your website or server that connects you via FTP/SFTP/SCP to any remote server, so you can upload, download and edit files from your browser.

Cloud Computing, Server Administration, Website Administration, File Management

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Wothy   Madrid, Spain

Wothy is a new job board focused on social networks and simplicity of use for job seekers and recruiters. We extract thousands of quality jobs from top companies and search engines and also we let recruiters post on our site featured jobs for free.

Cloud Computing, Saa S


Upsafe Free Google Apps backup   Boston, USA

UpSafe Free GoogleApps Backup is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that use Google Apps in their work. UpSafe protects all your organization’s Google Apps from expensive and even disastrous data loss. It allows your users to get data back exactly the way it...

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Happyfoxchat live chat interface

HappyFox Chat   Irvine, CA

Generate qualified marketing leads faster and cost-effectively, than any other marketing channel. Customer Engagement Made Meaningful And Personal. An intelligent live chat software that helps dramatically reduce response times & provide efficient customer service.

Saa S, Customer Support, Cloud Computing, Customer Service


Sharplet   Stockholm, Sweden

Sharplet is a web application that allows users to remember more in less time. It uses the highly effective “spaced repetition” learning method to optimally schedule flashcard review sessions. This method helps users commit whatever it is they want to learn to long-term m...

Cloud Computing, Education


greenbird Integration Technology   Oslo, Norway

With, Greenbird provides big data integration applications (delivered as Orchestration-as-a-Service) for smart metering, smart grid, smart city and the Internet of Things. provides configurable business integration services in the cloud. In...

Utilities, Cloud Computing, Saa S, Paa S

Place idea

CivilHub   Warsaw, Poland

CivilHub is an innovative social network enabling people to suggest and implement changes in places where we live. We join people by concentrating them around the local communities to make the world a better place.

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Websecurify Suite   London, United Kingdom

The Websecurify Suite is a market, like the Apple App Store, for cutting-edge web security tools. Use some of the best known tools on the market today to ensure that your apps are not vulnerable to common types of attacks. From XSS and SQL Injection to login misconfigurat...

Cloud Computing, Web Security


Field Work Mobility   Newark, CA

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FieldWorkMobility empowers an organization's field work force by offering a smart phone driven mobile CRM as well as a dashboard on the cloud for the stakeholders/managers to effectively allocate the tasks/prospects. The solution also measures field workforce productivity...

Cloud Computing, Sales, Crm, Mobility

Helprace solve cases easily

Helprace   Tampa, Fl

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Helprace is a web application that allows your business to reach new heights in customer service. Helprace features a help desk that’s integrated with a customer-centric community and knowledge base. The help desk is packed with innovative features such as canned repli...

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Uploadcare   NY, United States

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Handling uploads, storage, image processing is harder than one may think. We provide an infrastructure as a service to do that. 1. Sexy widget to let your users upload files not only from their devices but also from various social networks and cloud storage services: ...

Cloud Computing, Media, Saa S, Storage


Branded Bridge Line   Atlanta, United States

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We turn your conference calls into a totally pain-free, branded experience for your customers and teammates. Dialing PIN numbers is totally unnecessary. Nothing sets the tone for a meeting better than some cheerful Beatles tunes, but you can also choose Pink Floyd or some...

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StatusCast   Los Angeles, CA

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With StatusCast you can build hosted status pages in minutes! Keep users informed about application uptime and provide them with status updates via email, SMS/text, Twitter, etc. StatusCast integrates seamlessly with your application performance monitoring platform. Proac...

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ParkMyCloud   Sterling, Va

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ParkMyCloud is a cost-effective, lightweight app that allows AWS users to pay only for the computing resources they’re actually using by scheduling on/off times (“parking”) for their idle cloud computing services. As a result, customers can reduce cloud computing costs by...

Cloud Computing, Saa S, Amazon Web Services, Business

Google account backup dashboard 1

Upsafe Free Google Account backup   Boston, USA

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UpSafe Backup protects all of your Google Account data from disastrous data loss. It allows you to get data back exactly the way it was just a few minutes ago. UpSafe will automatically back up your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Sites every day to the cl...

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Upsafe Office 365 cloud backup   Boston, USA

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The more people work together on one project, the more is the risk of data loss. But UpSafe backup for Office365 brings these risks to the minimum, and you can freely share your documents with collegues all over the world. UpSafe provides scheduled automated backup and ac...

Cloud Computing, Office 365 Users


Knowledge How   Sc, USA

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Knowledge How is an informational site provides information on various trending topics related to technology and more. It provides most of the information on cloud computing and new mobile technology.

Cloud Computing, technology

Everlaw hp 12.2.15

Everlaw   Berkeley, USA

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Everlaw is a comprehensive ediscovery tool that helps law firms, government agencies, and corporations prepare for litigation. What sets it apart from other discovery platforms is: * Ease-of-use: It's the most intuitive on the market. It uses consistent colors, animatio...

Legal, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Ediscovery

Tropix frontpage

TropixOne   Odisha, India

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The Customer Engagement Toolset For Your Website All the tools you need to converse and engage with your customers. Feature rich, simple and intuitive. TropixOne is a set of tools to interact with your website visitors and web customers. You can run Surveys, Polls, Noti...

Cloud Computing, Saa S


TRAXPayroll   California, USA

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Since 1997, TRAXPayroll has provided online payroll services to businesses of all sizes. We offer proven payroll solutions that deliver trouble-free, simplified payroll processing and administration. Our innovative technology allows you to securely manage your payroll 24 ...

Hrms, Saa S, Cloud Computing

Logo wavecell

Wavecell   Chinatown, Singapore

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We simplify global communications such as SMS, Voice and Video interactions. Our strength lies in offering cloud-based multi-channel communications to developers and enterprises. They can build better services by integrating our APIs and SDKs and leverage Wavecell's platf...

Cloud Communication, Cloud Computing

Site screenshot

Edit Square   London, England

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Edit Square is an online tool that allows anyone to create their own motion graphics videos in minutes. From Animated 3D Titles, YouTube Intros, Business Explainer Videos and more. Creating videos can be a complicated and expensive process. Our website aims to remove t...

Cloud Computing, Automated Video

Tig rgb 2

TIG   Watford, London

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TIG is the leading managed services provider in London and offers the best solutions for managed services, cloud & connectivity, and transformational services to all clients. We at TIG are Microsoft Azure specialists and we have been providing award-winning services with ...

Cloud Computing, Network Management


Teamgate   Vilnius, Lithuania

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Teamgate web-based Sales CRM is invaluable in aiding you manage your entire sales process. Simple, yet convenient software automation helps you to work more efficiently, save countless hours, and grow your productivity. In partnership with the industry’s leading integrati...

Cloud Computing, Saa S, B2 B, Crm