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Conversity   Bangalore, India

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Conversity is an In-App Live Chat platform for mobile app (SaaS). No more coding, debugging, adding features, testing etc. Simply plug-n-play. It takes <10 min to integrate, has enviable features & a fully customizable UI. Best of all - Conversity is FREE for start...

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TagTooth   Tokyo, Japan

TagTooth connects you with people - with people you want to and did not know how to. With people you have lost touch with. With those who can help. With those to whom you have something to offer. TagTooth expands your network. You can reach out to anyone beyond your addre...

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GAM Messenger   Beirut, Lebanon

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GAM MESSENGER – GOT A MINUTE? GAM is the instant messaging app that gets straight to the point. It's ideal for sending short and time-sensitive content. Simply send a message to your contact and ask for a minute of their time. If they accept, you can message each othe...

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Altis   Pune, India

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Altis helps you find local sports games and communities (group) from your nearby areas. There are so many people around you who are looking for other players to play with. In fact, its even difficult to figure out how many players are there in your very own society. The...

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Share Acquire   San Francisco, United States

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Acquire is customer service and support software that provides users with a multi-channel customer communication platform which focuses on customer support, sales and onboarding processes. The platform is equipped with a full rang e of tool sets including live chat, custo...

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Lime talk product

Lime Talk   Prague, Czech Republic

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Easy to use live chat software for your website. Affordable prices, mobile support. Our primary goal is to provide service that enables you to get in touch with your customers and increase your company profit. We aim to provide you with an application that is user-friendl...

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Hear   Montreal, Canada

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Hearium Inc., the company behind Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen was founded by Sterling Toth, the co-creator of EpicMealTime. Hear: an app that allows you to connect to people anonymously and talk to them. The added twist is that a large group of other anonymous user...

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Poundcake   Las Vegas, Nv

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We have trending hashtags from Twitter, and a list of snappy colleges. There is no signup to use Poundcake, you can be in a room in 1 second. Anytime you join a room, you are assigned a random icon so you stay completely anonymous.

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