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Donorhut page

Donorhut   Manitoba, Canada

Donorhut is a service for nonprofit organizations and organizations seeking help with raising funds online. Our service helps you simplify your fundraising efforts and provides you with the tools to safely and securely collect money online. Our service is designed to give...

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Spora   San Francisco, Us

Spora improves the online giving experience with a completely re-imagined user interface, fine tuning the log in process, allowing a giver to sign up and give in minutes. Using a giving meter now givers can see the difference they make when they click "send," and the met...

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Insan   Istanbul, Turkey

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INSAN is a non-profit organisation based on 1-on-1 sponsorship for children in need. INSAN's tech allows potential sponsors to find the child they are willing to support. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON TO NOT SPONSOR A CHILD RIGHT AWAY TODAY? Founded by a well educated t...

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IMPACT   Manchester, UK

The idea behind IMPACT sparked from the belief that anyone can help change the world. Millions of people need food, medical attention and clean water daily. And yet there are millions more than can help change that. There are so many local charities that do incredible thi...

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Skrlla   San Francisco, USA

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Skrlla is the fastest way to send or request $1 with your friends or send $1 to one of our charity partners. Login with your Venmo account, tap HIT to request $1 or tap SKRLLA to send $1, you can also add an optional message.

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Catapultian   Brooklyn, NY

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Catapultian in a central hub for all your charitable giving. With Catapultian you will be able to support all your favorite charities while tracking and managing your giving better. Additionally, in the coming months we will be rolling out a managed crowdfunding platform ...

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