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Calendaz   York, UK

A calendar as it's meant to be. Simple. Clutter-free. Easy to use. It puts YOU back in control. It flies in the face of all new solutions—it offers less functionality. Fewer features. But that's the point. It aims to simplify life, not complicate it further. For people wh...

Calendar, Diary, Planner


CloudCal   London, United Kingdom

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CloudCal is an elegant Android calendar app that provides both the wide and narrow perspective on your time.The main view will give you a good overview of any month. Each day is surrounded by our magic circle that tells you in what time period of the day an activity takes...

Mobile, App, Calendar, Time Management


ClipPod   New Delhi, India

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ClipPod makes Google Calendar social by adding shared notes and attachments to your Google Calendar events. This opens up new ways to make Google Calendar more useful for you - Use ClipPod to plan your meetings, discuss upcoming events and travel plans, or even use Google...

Saa S, Productivity, Collaboration, Calendar