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Maeent   Barcelona, Spain

Business, lifestyle and venture solutions on the mission to get you the right and best incredible efforts in our services. Maeent Business Services offers companies innovative and competitive services wherever and whenever you need them. With Lifestyle Services we offer o...

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SkillXP   Haryana, India

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SkillXP is one stop solution when it comes to providing customizable training materials for trainers and managers who are involved in training of their staff. The courses can easily be downloaded and re-branded.

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Business Name Chooser   Australia, Perth

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Business Name Chooser is a free iOS and Android app that helps you check a business name with ASIC, IP Australia, domain and social media simultaneously. When you are starting a business there are many vital activities that you have to do. Choosing the name for your busin...

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Nexiwave   Toronto, Canada

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Nexiwave provides high accuracy Voicemail Transcription service. Seamlessly integrates with Avaya IP Office, Cisco Unity Connect, Mitel NuPoint, and Office 365, with just a few clicks. All voicemails transcribed and delivered within five minutes.

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Zeal Agency   Zagreb, Croatia

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A VA agency providing business admin services, using the "micro work" model to ensure high quality results for an affordable price. Our services are handled through dividing each tasks into simplified parts, and delegating the simplified parts to people specialised in ...

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iGoStartup   Coventry, United Kingdom

iGoStartup is an online service, which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business. By completing a set of tools online, you will get a personalized report whic...

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