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Pike   San Francisco, USA

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Pike is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to share and discuss the interesting things you find online with your friends right there on the webpage privately. With Pike installed, whilst reading any interesting article on the web, highlight the most interesting...

Browser Extensions, Sharing, Social Media, Content


Tree   Tallinn, Estonia

* Connect with people on specific topics * Discover quality content without ads * Share and save your new findings Users follow each other within categories: they are only exposed to content that matters to them.

Webapp, Socialbookmarking, Content Curation, Browser Extensions


NeoButtons   Vancouver, Canada

The Neobuttons service was created for helping website owners (publishers) to bring their visitors coming back. How does it work? This is a browser button with publisher's logo. By clicking on this opens the pop up with publisher's webcontent and newsfeed from the publis...

Browsers, Browser Extensions, Online Marketing Solutions