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Olai   Panchkula, India

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Have you ever felt sick and tired of your blog loading extremely slow? Or maybe you are sick of your database crapping out after too many visitors come to your website? Or instead of attending to your business needs, you have to constantly tend to the blogging system in u...

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WatStory   Delhi, India

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WatStory is like Youtube but for multilingual writing, blogging and reading. It is a platform/community for original stories and ideas across genres (fiction, non fiction..) and language. It has a native content editor to write in English and Indian language Scripts (Hind...

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Tippy Tricks   Delhi, India

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Tippytricks is a content oriented website where we focus on how to please people by providing them solutions to random topics ranging from how to dress up to how to score well. It can be your daily GO-TO guide. We are not just any content providers but we believe in quali...

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Feenta   New York, USA

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A website for everyday entertainment. Stay up to date on the latest and learn what you need to know. We strive to be your new online home with unique and interesting content. Whatever category you are interested in, we have it, with high quality, interesting content that ...

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Trendy Startups   Lahore, Pakistan

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A community of makers, early adopters and bloggers showcasing their startups, blog posts and exchanging feedback. Discover startups and blogging. Expedite your Startup and increase the traffic, visitors on blog by sharing blog post on trendy startups. A community of ma...

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Cirqle   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Let your readers buy any products you feature with Cirqle. When you publish a photo featuring an item, you can get a discreet, customisable shop button in the corner of it, through which your readers can shop, and you get a commission for every purchase they make. You get...

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BudoKin   Sydney, Australia

BudoKin is a place that genuine martial artists can come to separate the cream from the milk by connecting with like minded individuals, and sharing quality videos and articles from systems and styles around the world. "Budo" means martial in Japanese, and "Kin" is short ...

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