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GrooveJar   Tampa, Florida

Groovejar helps entrepreneurs increase revenue, email sign ups, and sales online. You'll have access to a wide range of website optimization widgets and pop ups that will help turn visitors into customers. We add new tools every month.

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Spektrum Glasses   Vancouver, Canada

Spektrum glasses protect your eyes from use with electronic devices. Spektrum glasses look just like normal glasses and are designed to be worn by anyone using a computer for hours a day. The north american uses a computer for more than eight hours a day. Our eyes ...

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Riddle   Manchester, United Kingdom

Riddle is the first viral content marketplace - think Getty Images for viral quizzes, lists and polls. Interactive content is powerful for engaging and growing audiences but requires time and expertise to create. With Riddle's marketplace, publishers and brands can...

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Read   Paris, France

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Read is an ePub reading app that helps pro-readers retain more from their readings thanks to multiple APIs they can connect to. (Dropbox, Evernote, Drive) Remembering what we read is a pain-point for avid readers. So how to save the quintessence of a book? We built the s...

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crowdCaster   Cape Town, South Africa

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crowdCaster re-imagines radio, allowing you the chance to share your stories and sounds with the world - in easy-to-digest, bite-sized audio clips of 140 seconds Dubbed as the "Audio for Twitter", crowdCaster is an audio platform which allows you to create and listen to ...

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Alternote    Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Evernote integration makes it very easy to migrate — all your notes are already in place. Distraction-free mode, night color scheme and offline support help you to craft better texts anytime, anywhere.

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TruConversion   Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island

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TruConversion is an All in One Web Analytics & Feedback tool that helps website owners understand why their visitors are leaving. Some of the tools include Heatmaps, Visitor Session recordings, Conversion Funnels, Customer surveys, Exit surveys.

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Bullet News   London, UK

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Simple to use, easy to read and fast: Bullet News means you'll find out what’s shaking your world as it happens. No speculation, just trusted sources. Key features of Bullet News: - Really fast loading time – 1st article loads in under 1sec, second loads in 200ms (the...

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Shuttle Tools Map Manager   CA, USA

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Shuttle Tools Maps are easily customizable, with all the features you’d expect in a custom map builder. We separate your map data from the code, allowing you to create and edit your maps directly through a slick, streamlined interface. No cumbersome code or complicated AP...

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Gospik   Henderson, Nevada

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Gospik is a browser extension built for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that is replacing the sponsored ads from righthand side of Google with a communication tool, where users can post news, informations, opinions, photos, videos, related to what they are searching on Google,...

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YAY Images   Oslo, Norway

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We offer affordable plans which gives our users access to 6.5 million stock photos and vector files. The images can be streamed directly on your website, and we offer an in-browser editing tool. No need to use expensive stock photos. No need to download and upload images...

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