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Koipee Prints   Berlin, Germany

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You’ll be familiar with the day-to-day T-shirt industry and the 24-hour sale websites. We love the designs on show, but the problem we recognised is that not everyone wants to wear them (including us). Instead, it would be better to get a print and decorate your own four ...

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Dezo   Bern, Switzerland

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Dezo allows creatives to integrate all their social media profiles in one place, create a super profile that is always up to date, and get introduced to new work opportunities. Dezo is a tool and the easiest way for creatives to connect all their creative work in one pla...

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Demosend   Ostra, Italy

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With Demosend you can upload and discover music, share and suggest to artists and labels, connect with users and public, bid and sign your demos, distribute and earn ... for free! #4artists #4labels

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Artzine   Sevilla, Spain

Artzine is an online art marketplace that is now representing European artists who wish to exhibit their work to art lovers and buyers around the world. Because our mission is to support and empower artists, our team has created an immaculate platform on which you will...

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