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Let's Try Arts   London, UK

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Let's Try Arts is a website for finding creative activities in your local area: drawing, craft, textiles, sculpture, dance, music, writing... you name it! Whether it's your family day out, birthday party or just a weekend to spoil yourself, there’s plenty of fun and c...

Art, Entertainment, Creative, Education

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The Art Pillow   Los Angeles, CA

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Imagine a beautiful piece of art, now think of a snuggly slap them together and stand back...The Art Pillow is born. Fabulous art, comfy pillows. Wow! Flowers, arcitecture, small dogs, cupcakes.

Home Decor, Art


Mozaico   Naperville, Illinois

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We are caterers of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is made from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. Our mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques applying a modern twist from our artists. Our artists wil...

Interior Design & Construction, Art, Design


Muse Art   New York City, New York

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Muse mission is to transform the lock screen into a tool of discovery and inspiration. The Muse app features a different painting on the lock screen every time a person accesses his phone, transforming a necessary but unproductive step into an inspiring moment of learnin...

Mobile, Lockscreen, Art, Android


Artzine   Sevilla, Spain

Artzine is an online art marketplace that is now representing European artists who wish to exhibit their work to art lovers and buyers around the world. Because our mission is to support and empower artists, our team has created an immaculate platform on which you will...

Art, Artists, Marketplace