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Android App Development -   Missisauga, Ontario

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We are the leading Mobile App Development company in Canada, focusing on Android, iPad and iPhone apps. Contact our website to know more about us. iPad app development covers the entire area of functionality and other required aspects to support in different platform. The...

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HireApp   Belgrade, Serbia

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We want to change the way business and people find part time workers & jobs. Using geolocation & interest, we have made job searching quick & effective! Currently we are developing our MVP, but we are accepting early signups.

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Bullet News   London, UK

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Bullet News gets you up to date in seconds, wherever, whenever with news from top providers in short bullet points. We work with the world’s leading news outlets to optimise stories to the essential facts, to suit smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and desktops. Our ne...

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AHA Taxis   Noida, India

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AHA Taxis helps you save cost on outstation travel by charging for actual KMs traveled. Traditionally in Indian road travel, the taxi owners charge a return fare from customers even for one way trips, as they are not assured of passengers on return journey. We are aggrega...

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Station   San Diego, CA

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STATION is a powerful broadcasting platform based on local discovery. STATION shows you "What's Going on Around You". Users can share LIVE or recorded audio and video, pictures, and text, all linked to a specific location.

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DrumUp   Bengaluru, India

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DrumUp takes the pain out of social media management and curating content for Facebook and Twitter pages! DrumUp discovers great content for sharing with your users, and kick-starting meaningful conversations. The app comes equipped with specific time-date scheduling, add...

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Ripple   Seattle, USA

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Ripple is a platform that allows you to spread messages across the world without the standard follower system. A message first spreads to several people nearby and they choose whether to share it with more people. It is awesome to watch messages spread far and wide, a...

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invi   Palo Alto, CA

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invi was created to make communication rich and easy. Engage with friends at lightning speed using mini apps on a customizable and beautiful user interface. The ultimate sharing experience, invi is the best IM and SMS upgrade available.

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mypa   Alicante, Spain

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mypa is an intelligent assistant for sales and business professionals. It works with your existing email, calendar, and phone apps and provides automatic integration of all your interactions by contact and company. No special set-up nor tiring data entry needed!

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Lozi   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Lozi is a platform and social community related to food and restaurants. It enables users to review dishes that they find as interesting, and share their experiences related to good meals. It also enables users to share their culinary collection with other users.

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Sqeeqee   Irvine, CA

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Sqeeqee is an innovative social commerce platform that gives individuals, business entities, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit organizations the ability to monetize and generate ad revenues from their profiles, socially interact, and increase their overa...

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Altis 5 community list added

Altis   Pune, India

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Altis helps you find local sports games and communities (group) from your nearby areas. There are so many people around you who are looking for other players to play with. In fact, its even difficult to figure out how many players are there in your very own society. The...

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Defense King   Pontypridd, United Kingdom

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The Defense King is fast-paced shooting warrior with adventure strategy gameplay. Defense King is simple but it is an action game presenting you lots of fun. Play as team, battle and shooting in this game. Game features: • One touch simple and addictive game-play. • ...

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Zombies Fury   Pontypridd, United Kingdom

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The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. But this time, you are the Zombie and you have to survive various obstacles that come in your way. How far can you go? TAP JUMP & ATTACK TAP & HOLD HIGHER JUMP TAP IN MID-AIR JUMP AGAIN

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Logdog   Tel Aviv, Israel

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1 in 4 online accounts gets hacked. LogDog gives you free protection from hackers and identity theft. You’ll get alerts any time suspicious activity occurs in your Gmail, Facebook and other accounts. LogDog is your mobile security “watch dog,” providing around-the-cl...

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Lydia Morrison   New York, NY

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Recruiting app connecting startups to college students as campus reps & interns. In place of generic job ads, startups combine content from their website & social media to showcase products, culture, team and mission. Instead of intimidating resumes, student profiles cont...

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WatchfacePRO   Penang, Malaysia

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WatchfacePRO is a web-based tool and is free for anyone to create own watchface. You can easily personalize your watchface with custom images, fonts, watch hands and more! Once done, WatchfacePRO will directly create an installable APK, so users don't need to pay for ...

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Monkop   California, Us

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It installs and deeply scans native apps on each compatible OS version / screen sizes and densities depending on the app configuration and market stats. A smart monkey uses and tries to crash the app for evaluation purposes before sending a high-value report with improvem...

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Recent News   Portola Valley, CA

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Recent News is a new smart news app that learns your interests, suggests relevant articles, and becomes more intelligent the more you use it. It's the only app that indexes the day's news and proposes personalized topics you might like to follow. News organizations indexe...

Android, I Phone, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence

Giftry app

Giftry   Bountiful, Utah

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Gift giving has been overrun by emotionless gift cards, impersonal gift baskets, and self-serving retailer recommendations. Our goal at Giftry is to turn gift giving opportunities into relationship building experiences. By using the Giftry app to create, store, and exchan...

Android, I Phone, Web App

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Safe Box   Gujrat, India

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Do you worry about the visibility of your private data, or secrets on your smart phone? The privacy in Mobile is very essential.Now every user can easily hide their private data and lock unlimited applications in smart phone. Safe box is your solution. Safe Box’s ma...

Android, Security, Data Privacy

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AppsChopper   Noida, India

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AppsChopper is hailed among the best app development firms based in India. Immense experience in app and game development across several platforms gives the firm an edge over its rivals. Ably supported by a team of skillful and seasoned developers, AppsChopper has been ab...

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Focusdepart welcome

Focus depart   Sydney, Australia

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Focus depart allows you access to a traveler community and share your travel experiences. Whenever you plan a trip or want to find something next to you, Focus depart is the place to start! On Focus depart you can create your guides based on other member's contributio...

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MaxSold Estimator   Los Angeles, United States Of America

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The MaxSold Estimator app is for those downsizing and settling an estate. This app gives you an estimated value of all contents in the house when the MaxSold online auction solution is utilized. MaxSold auctions are a stress-free, safe and efficient way to sell everything...

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Standup Bot   Austin, TX

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We built Standup Bot, a Slack integration that automates daily standups. Standup Bot asks each team member to stand up one by one, and asks their goals, successes, and if there are any roadblocks. It creates a summary of each standup, and organizes standups by day. We ...

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Product image%20%281%29   Bangalore, India

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Niki is first of it's kind, Artificial Intelligence powered bot that's set out to simplify Ordering, through a simple chat interface. You can benefit from her recharge abilities and her hyper-efficiency in cab booking while more services are yet to come. Niki works swiftl...

Android, Artificial Intelligence, Shopping, machine learning

%28png%20image%2c%20851%c2%a0%c3%97%c2%a01330%20pixels%29   Mumbai, India

Not published avails Faster and More Reliable API for implementing Two Factor Authentication ( Phone Verification ) with just a single API call. 2Factor Offers OTP delivery over VOICE and SMS. For providing Faster OTP delivery, Dial2verify manages direct interconnect...

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Citypulse app eventfeed

CityPulse   Melbourne, Australia

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The CityPulse mobile app creates a beautiful personalized calendar packed with events that entrepreneurs really shouldn't miss. It pulls meetups, conferences and hackathons from many different sources and recommends matched ones based on data gleaned from the user’s Link...

Android, I Phone, Windows Phone

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OhMyGeorge   Bangkok, Thailand

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OhMyGeorge’s proprietary trading interface is the easiest and most fun to use in the market! You will have no trouble placing your first trades within seconds. And George does all the hard work that only professional traders have the ability and time to do, analysing mult...

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Gogo   Gurgaon, India

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Gogo is a personalised content screen on the android user’s lock screen. While content is the main hook for the user, the user can also earn data, talktime and rewards for using the app. This venture is essentially solving the content discovery problem for the Indian user.

Android, Mobile, Content Discovery