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SpotPog   New York, NY

SpotPog is a new app that helps alleviate the parking challenge. Our innovative platform integrates public parking, private driveways, and commercial garages. We take the frustration out of parking by implementing efficiencies that reduce congestion, improve air quality, ...

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PartyUpPlayer   New York, USA

PUP or PartyUP Player, an app coming this summer that will solve the looking for group problem once and for all by putting the power of who you game with into your hand. Being developed by SWARM, an independent app development studio in NYC that specializes in mobile, wea...

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EuroTrip Planner   Amsterdam, Netherlands

EuroTrip Planner lets you plan a trip to Europe, it focuses on travelers from outside Europe who are not yet that familiar with the continent. With a map orientation and a top down approach you will discover Europe bit by bit. When you find a place you surely don’t want t...

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Screen home   London, UK

We take Facebook and Twitter one step further! allows users to 'stiq' private or public messages, called stiqqers, to their location, anywhere in the world. These stiqqers can not only be seen by others at the same location but you can navigate to them too! Sti...

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DIKY   Gurgaon, India

Facebook, Watsapp, Hike, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram…. we can go on and on. People are glued to these social networks trying to develop an identity for themselves. Who knows whether they are real or just faking it? When a company hires an employee, can it be sure of that...

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Foci   London, England

Foci is a geosocial network and mobile app which allows you to place your content on the world map. The sources of your content can be uploaded via social network accounts, web pages, music streaming services, online videos, applications and others. Users who are near the...

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MarkO   Skopje, Macedonia

MarkO is a productivity application for smartphones and smartwatches that will help you get reminded in the most appropriate time or place. It offers a quick and easy solution for your daily tasks or errands, where you need to be reminded. With its input free reminders yo...

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Gymer   Bangalore, India

Gymer is a mobile app and web-based service that provides a cashless system for booking instant or in-advance workout sessions on an hourly basis. Users can decide when and where to work out, with a 'pay-as-you-go' option.

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RemindMe   Chandigarh, India

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Remind Me is a simple yet useful reminder app for your daily tasks which you forget to do & for which your mobile can easily help. Have a user friendly, fast & intuitive User interface for user to manage everything with just the thumb holding the phone with 1 hand. The...

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PropLens   Pune, India

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Imagine property buyers browsing for their dream property…. They go to some property portal or look into the news paper, look at a few projects, click the one they like and what follows is a series of clicks n scrolls and all they get is nothing more than a fe...

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Shopie   Guadalajara, Mexico

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Shopie is an app that lets you swipe through items It learns what you like to show you better stuff each time. Just swipe right for likes, left for nopes. You can also enter search terms for more specific browsing. Its tinder for amazon!

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CannaSOS   Toronto, Canada

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CannaSOS is a social platform for marijuana experts and enthusiasts. We've recently launched an Android app for CannaSOS and currently working on iOS app. Since its launch in January 2015, CannaSOS has acquired more than 35k users and this number is constantly growing....

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Veeplay   Munich, Bavarian

Veeplay is a native mobile video player SDK for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Smart TV with industry leading user experience and enhanced monetization possibilities. Providing HLS support on Android devices, Veeplay reduces buffering times significally, whilst improvi...

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Cubeit   Bangalore, India

Cubeit lets you save, organize, and share content from different apps in one place. So if you're collecting cool content about startups, a video about Musk goes in the same place as a tweet from Paul Graham, along with your thoughts in a note. Cubeit's interface intellig...

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Mock up property card

Movebubble   London, UK

Movebubble is London’s only renter-dedicated property search tool. Renters can discover properties, book viewings and secure a home in just a few taps via an app – using other renters’ honest feedback to save a huge amount of time and stress. The app is built by a tea...

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PeeqSee   Los Angeles, California

PeeqSee is a unique social media platform designed for boosting interactions and engagement between friends, fans, and customers in a meaningful and measurable way. In an era of an overload of posts bombarding users daily, PeeqSee is a fresh new approach to help users to ...

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Neqtr   San Diego, CA

Neqtr is a socially conscious relationship app that helps people connect to new friends & new loves via causes & lifestyles, and helps them meet at planned dates like volunteering & yoga. Connecting in these ways are proven to build deeper & more meaningful relationships....

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Vendedy   New York City, Us

Mobile app that connects travelers to local street vendors globally. The founder is the daughter of 3 generations of street vendors from Haiti looking to make street vending a conduit to prosperity in developing countries.

Android, I Phone

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Sparkk TV   Cleveland, Oh

Sparkk TV is an all original, on-demand, webseries network. We air our webseries on a scheduled day and then they can be viewed anytime from our website or our Sparkk TV ON! app. We are available now on our website or download Sparkk TV ON! available on iOS, Android, A...

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Bucketbulb   Zoetermeer, Netherlands

A bucket list is a list containing life goals or activities, which the maker of the list wants to do before his death. A lot of people have ‘bucket list ideas’, but don’t actually write them down. “But if you make your bucket list in our app, you make your wishes more rea...

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Opoli    Inglewood, CA

Opoli is a transportation service app that allows you to pick your price, driver, and professional driver depending on your schedule in the safest, most efficient and affordable way possible. Rattan Joea, the CEO of Opoli, works to eliminate surge pricing and create a res...

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Azasu Gratitude Journal   Sydney, Australia

Say Thanks everyday with Azasu Azasu is the Japanese word for "Thanks", and we have taken a literal approach to our app as it offers a way for you to say thanks to things you have on every given day. Azasu is an app that allows you to write a sentence of gratitude to yo...

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nspHire   Chicago, IL

nspHire is a mobile application for job/seeker discovery. It is akin to Tinder but for jobs. Quick profile creation with a LinkedIn API. Setup your discovery attributes (education, industry, function, location, etc.). Swipe jobs or candidates right to like and left to...

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Gimini Moodtracker   Cluj Napoca, Romania

Gimini Moodtracker is an app that tracks your day to day mood and how you feel towards the people you interact with over the phone or the places you visit every day. It's designed to give you the most information out of the simplest interaction: a swipe on the screen.

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Just Text Tom   London, UK

What if you could simply text a number to get whatever you want? Just Text Tom makes it possible. We provide a text messaging concierge service to source and deliver any product or service you request. It's free to chat via text and we're available 24/7. Try us by t...

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2 explara ux design homepage

Explara   Bangalore, India

Explara offers a suite of technology & event solutions for online event ticket sell, conference registrations, membership solutions, RSVP solution, private event, payment processing, event promotion and event logistics

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Place idea

CivilHub   Warsaw, Poland

CivilHub is an innovative social network enabling people to suggest and implement changes in places where we live. We join people by concentrating them around the local communities to make the world a better place.

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Bugclipper site screenshot

BugClipper   Mumbai, India

BugClipper is an in-app bug reporting tool that makes it easy report issues and gather client feedback. Users can mark up issues and share feedback in seconds, directly from the app & it creates complete bug reports with screenshots, device details and screen recordings t...

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A to Z Converter   Vadodara, India

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"A to Z Converter" provides a set of free converters to easily convert between anything to anything else. Be it Units, Colors, Age, Timezone or Currency. Now user need not download numerous applications in order to satisfy his/her daily conversion needs. This app has b...

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Focus Out   Houston, USA

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Description Are you ever distracted by facebook, twitter, youtube, or Whatsapp? This app can help. Simple select apps that you want to lock yourself out of, how long you want to block them for and you are done! This is a FREE APP plus it has NO ADS. This is the only app...

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