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SEMPAD   Toronto, Canada

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Brilliantly efficient & cost effective, SEMPAD is a powerful ad management tool that keeps track of your ads in a simplified and focused way. You get the essentials like reporting, bidding optimization algorithms, and KPI indicators, but in skipping much of the gimmicks a...

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Maxly   San Diego, CA

Maxly is the ultimate set of conversion analytics tools. From automated waterfall and web page speed testing, conversion and custom funnel tracking, and automated alerting for any statistic that is important for your website.

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Flumes   London, UK

We turn data into visually appealing insights. Whether it's in-house data, a web based data source like twitter or another third party source, we can use it to answer your business questions. We harvest, clean, analyse and visualise data. Whether it’s reporting, animated ...

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Test4startup   Russia, Saint Petersburg

Test4startup is the service that allows you to see if your idea is promising enough before you even develop a working prototype. Using artificial intelligence technologies test4startup collects such data as trends, market size, existing competition and investor activity i...

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Lumière   Oregon, United States

Lumière helps video creators gather rich feedback from their audiences to help identify what's working, what's not, and how to optimize their productions for maximum impact. Through online, interactive screenings – which can flexibly gather real-time quantitative, qua...

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EnderMetrics   Barcelona, Spain.

EnderMetrics is an online learning analytics platform that provides children's app developers with data and insight on how their users are learning through their games and how they can optimize their apps to make them more effective and better adapted to each child's skil...

Education Technology, Analytics, Information Systems, Saa S

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Engage Master   Amman, Jordan

EngageMaster is a cloud-based customer engagement suite that connects businesses with potential customers to create tangible results including lead generation, better customer support and personalized communication. By combining real-time analytics and intelligent targ...

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FirstOfficer   Tampere, Finland

Get detailed and accurate metrics for your SaaS with a single click. FirstOfficer is created and run by a former accountant so you don't get just numbers, but also help in interpreting the numbers if needed. With carefully compiled views optimized for finding strategic in...

Analytics, Saas Metrics, Stripe Analytics

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EchoRank   San Francisco, California

EchoRank provides a viral score known as the EchoScore to each piece of content shared across social media. The EchoScore takes into account several factors to measure true virality, including signals such as k-factor, velocity, and magnitude. EchoRank allows marketers...

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Linkredirector   Stockholm, Sweden

Linkredirector lets you use one dynamic short link to route visitors to multiple destinations, with real time statistics. Benefits for marketers - with Linkredirector you can update the URL of your links after you have published them. Update the links on your printed ...

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GripeO   Kemah, United States

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GripeO is a modern customer service platform for consumers and businesses, which uses mobile and social technologies to address growing frustration in how we provide companies feedback. Users submit feedback for any business from one consolidated mobile app, or website, t...

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Tungsten Information Management   London, UK

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Tungsten was formed with a vision focused on niche areas, such as, business intelligence and data analytics, which help bring our clients light in the form of knowledge and help them mobilize their businesses. Over the years we have gained experience in various verticals ...

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loginradius   Edmonton, Canada

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LoginRadius’ SaaS platform helps businesses engage, understand, and market to their online users. The platform, consisting of user registration, social login, social sharing, user social data, single sign-on, social analytics and user segmentation.

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Hex   Aarschot, Belgium

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Our Hex is your personal data center on your desk. It's a cluster of 6 computers with each a 4-core CPU, 2 GB of memory and 1TB hard disk drive. Times 6 = 24 cores for processing, 12GB of working memory and 6TB of data storage. That is quite some data processing power at ...

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Data Elixir   Greeley, Colorado

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Data Elixir helps data scientists and engineers stay current with the latest news and technologies. We track down the best data-related news, resources, and inspirations from around the web each week and publish the collection as a free newsletter. Our subscribers stay up...

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GaHeatmaps   Perth, Australia

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GaHeatmaps - Turn vague data into actionable click heatmaps For most web designers, developers and business owners a click heatmap would deliver a thousand times more insight than any boring analytics report! Click heatmaps are a highly visual way of showing which p...

SaaS, Analytics

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Nrupal Das   Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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• Ziplr is an online branding application with extensive social media data analytics capability. • Ziplr offers enterprise grade solution for shortening of URLs, branding of your domain, gathering of statistics (from all channels like emails, website, social media, SMS...

Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Marketing, Sales And Marketing

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DataToBiz   Chandigarh, India

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DataToBiz is an Advanced data analytics consulting company offering customer analytics, spatial & marketing analytics, supply chain analytics & computer vision solutions We are a Data Science service company, with the motto of helping its clients to take data driven de...

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pitchXO   Hong Kong, China

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Whenever we were sending PDF files through email, we didn't know who opened them, when and to whom they sent it on. We didn't like that. It was inefficient and not secure. That's why we started creating landing pages for our decks and could not see who exactly looked at t...

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Linkies   Detroit, Michigan

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Linkies is an online platform that lets users collect social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr; while providing a wide variety of tools that make it easy to get the most out of the social web. By aggregating user-generated content from hashtag...

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inome   Bellevue, Wa

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How old are you customers? Where do they live? Do they have children? How much do they earn? You’re one click away from finding out. inome insights is a simple, secure, cloud-based service that allows you to segment your customers by age, gender, income, marital status,...

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MediaNest   San Francisco, CA

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MediaNest makes managing, distributing, optimizing & analyzing videos on social media & video channels simple with one-click video distribution to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo & more. Get more views, save time and measure performance.

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Coinigy   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Coinigy brings Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investment to the masses. Combining powerful tools for both the casual investor and die-hard day-trader, we make it dead simple for anyone to open a brokerage account and tap into the exploding cryptocurrency markets. Deposit fund...

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