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Blossom   San Francisco, California

Blossom is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers. Managing software projects is really complicated so we've built Blossom in a way takes the noise out of managing software development. Blossom does all it can to get out of your way. You ca...

Software, Agile, Project Management, Developer Tools

Scrumbot homepage

Scrumbot   Palo Alto, CA

Scrumbot is your agile assistant for Slack. Let me gather data from your team & summarize it for you before the daily scrum. Simply plug scrumbot into Slack, and you have yourself an agile assistant that will reach out to your dev team at the end of every day - getting t...

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RhodeCode   Berlin, Germany

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RhodeCode Enterprise is how teams build software in a collaborative manner. It allows companies to develop their projects using Git, Mercurial, or Subversion repositories while providing one user interface. It comes with extensive permissions management, and integrates wi...

Developers, enterprise, Agile, Git

Standup bot screenshot 2

Standup Bot   Austin, TX

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Automated standups for Slack Channels. Messaging tools like Slack changed our work world. Standup changed our meetings. Standup Bot keeps us accountable, tracks our goals, and got us to post our successes, plans, and upcoming challenges.

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Cleverflow   Europe, Baltics

Cleverflow is an online platform for project/tasks management within small (up to 20 members) teams practising Agile/Lean principles. Easy setup and intuitive interface lets users to start managing their work in just couple minutes. Real time updates and visual board help...

Agile, Kanban, Saa S