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3D PrintNerd   Philadelphia, Pa

3D Printing Social Network. Find the latest 3D Printing News, Businesses, Hacks, Tidbits, and Info. This site is great for 3D Printing Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Evangelist. We also have a Android Mobile App.

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3YOURMIND   Berlin, Germany

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"3YOURMIND develops industrial 3D printing platforms for Industry 4.0 workflows. Their enterprise solution is already being used by DAX 30 companies and forward thinking businesses around the world. From our offices in Germany, Poland and the USA, we are optimizing produ...

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ISG3D   Sherbrooke, Canada

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ISG is a brand new Canadian-based online 3D printing store. The company sells 3D printers, PLA Filaments, 3D printed parts and objects, and offers 3D printing services for online users. The company is also working on its own line of 3D printers, manufactured and design...

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