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Sherpany Investor Service   Zurich, Switzerland

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More time for the contents: Sherpany gives your IR department the ideal tool for managing data and instructions when preparing the General Meeting. You steer preparations and the dissemination of information to your investors. We take care of the correct relay. From now o...

Saa S, Shareholder, Communication, Agm Management


Sendtask    Zurich, Switzerland

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A smart task manager built for easy collaboration Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don’t have an account. Sendtask removes the barriers to effective collaboration. Manage your personal and ...

I Os, Saa S, Project Management


TalentPlot   Switzerland, Zurich

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TalentPlot is a professional platform with displays thousands of the job offers from various services across the entire world. Thanks to our job board everyone can fast and easy find a job or internship for completely free!

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Ddfdfdfd   Zurich, Switzerland

Not published is a Marketing Attribution Software, which works on advanced multi-channel machine learning algorithm to discover the real value of your marketing channels. Designed across data-drive marketing analytics, allows businesses to -Use advanced marketin...

Attribution Modelling, Data Integration, Saa S, Software


mitipi   Zurich, Switzerland

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We, the founders of mitipi, want to ban the word "burglary" into history books. With our first product, Kevin, people can leave their homes feeling assured that they will yet again return to a safe and secured house, wherever they go. In Switzerland, Kevin is combined wit...

Smart Home, Insurtech


Ghostlab   Zurich, Switzerland

Ghostlab is a powerful tool for web developers and professional testers. Websites are being viewed on multiple browsers and devices of all forms and sizes. It provides a synchronized environment in which any number of browsers and devices (clients) display the same conten...

Software, Web, Testing, Syncronized