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BahGum   York, United Kingdom

We connect you with the biggest companies across the UK, it’s job searching with simplicity. Swipe, connect, get hired - it’s easy! No stress, no fuss just you finding your dream job. Founded in 2014, we started as a young group of technology enthusiasts in York giving...

Social Media, Networking, Job Searching, Recruitment


Calendaz   York, UK

A calendar as it's meant to be. Simple. Clutter-free. Easy to use. It puts YOU back in control. It flies in the face of all new solutions—it offers less functionality. Fewer features. But that's the point. It aims to simplify life, not complicate it further. For people wh...

Calendar, Diary, Planner


Artc Creative   York, USA

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artc Creative has its hands in several creative outlets, from hand crafted one-off lighting to mass market creative strategy books, which are packed full of research and development of drawing based practices and exercises that help your brain develop better ideas.

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