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User Engage   Warsaw, Poland

UserEngage is one place for your entire business to see and talk to customers. Live conversations | targeted messages to website visitors | analyze users. UserEngage gives you insight into your users. Learn who they are, what they came for and take action based on thei...

Saa S, Cms, Ecommerce

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CayenneApps   Warsaw, Poland

SWOT analysis tool, which facilitates decision making process in small businesses and personal life, has been released! Application can be most helpful in many different areas such as: startup idea validation, company market position identification or personal career dev...

Saa S, Business Tools

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CivilHub   Warsaw, Poland

CivilHub is an innovative social network enabling people to suggest and implement changes in places where we live. We join people by concentrating them around the local communities to make the world a better place.

Android, I Phone, Cloud Computing, I Os

Zrzut%20ekranu%202015 03 29%20o%2021.15.57   Warsaw, Poland

Not published offers smarter Facebook advertising. This self service SaaS platform allows you to create, run and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook more effectively than other standard tools. Offering process automation, CPA bidding and Google Analytics integrat...

Saa S, Social Media

2   Warsaw, Poland

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The fastest and easiest way to increase website conversions on smartphones. Free website add-on for generating mobile leads. One simple button to let your customers call you, text you, find you and more. We believe it'll become a new standard for mobile navigation. Onc...

Website Conversion, Website Add Ons, Mobile Leads, Mobile Lead Generation


Cute Leads   Warsaw, Poland

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Tracking down websites you can sell to is painful at the best of times. Trying to find companies using Google Analytics, on Linux servers, written in French or German - forget using Bing or Google searches! This is where Cute Leads comes in. With a simple series of dro...

Saa S, Lead Generation, Leads, Sales Leads

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LingRoom   Warsaw, Poland

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LingRoom is SaaS enabled EdTech marketplace connects hundreds of teachers with students, who are eager to master their language skills through in-person or online lessons, in classes or in groups. LingRoom gives to students all the information needed to choose the best co...

Saa S, Ed Tech, Language Education, Marketplace

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Codebrag   Warsaw, Poland

Codebrag is a secure (local) way of maintaining both high programming quality and not making programmers mad in the process. With the process gamified and as impartial as possible, Codebrag aims to make code reviews fun and functional.

Software Development, Quality Assurance


VosFactures   Poland, Warsaw

VosFactures is a simple application that allows you to issue a variety of invoice related documents online. It operates in the SaaS environment, meaning that all data is stored on the Cloud and able to be accessed from anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. The soft...

Cloud Computing, I Pad, Android, Saa S