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GigRove   London, United Kingdom

GigRove allows you to travel extremely cheap or to get a specific service for free through the exchange. Business Hosts provide accommodations and skilled travelers provide specific services. GigRove is a web platform where travelers can connect in order to exchange thei...

Saa S, Travel, Recruiting, Hospitality


DriveJoy   London, United Kingdom

DriveJoy is a local car rental platform where users can rent cars from people near them while it's a great way for car owners to make money when their car isn't being used. By enabling a collaborative economy DriveJoy helps preserve the environment while making sure more ...

Car Rental, P2 P, Automotive, Collaborative Economy


Muzeums   London, United Kingdom

Muzeums digitizes museums & personalizes their visitor experience, by dynamically rearranging tagged, location based & experiential content. Muzeums has 2 major components from the customer point of view: 1. Digitizing - Turning objects into digital content - tagged...

Travel, Museum, Heritage, Culture


Darwinex   London, United Kingdom

Darwinex helps you to identify trading talent, so you can spot those with real skill over the lucky monkey's. Using our investor platform, you can trade the best traders strategies using the risk level you choose. Our P2P asset management platform removes all intermedi...

Trading, Fintech, Investing


IncuBus London   London, United Kingdom

Over the course of a 12 week programme, IncuBus London helps startups find product/market fit, build traction and get ready to pitch to accelerators and investors. The programme consists of weekly mentor and skills workshop sessions, office hours and KPI catchups. Eac...

Entrepreneurs, Startups

U%20sh1   London, United Kingdom is a completely free file sharing service, upload files without limits, securely & anonymously. Files are encrypted & stored securely in the cloud, they can be permanent or given an expiry date. (Default is 30 days) Upload your files now and get your sha...

Designers, Agencies, Developers, Consumers


Swift Social   Brighton, United Kingdom

Swift Social combines powerful software with a team of expert digital marketers. It focuses on growing relevant followers, curating content and driving traffic to your website completely automatically. Business owners know their customers use social media, but either don’...

Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Digital Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies


RapidSpike   Leeds, United Kingdom

RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It simplifies monitoring, alerting and reporting to support your online presence and to ensure a positive user experience. Organisations use it to identify problems, measure perf...

Digital Agencies, Developers, Corporates, Saa S


Riddle   Manchester, United Kingdom

Riddle is the first viral content marketplace - think Getty Images for viral quizzes, lists and polls. Interactive content is powerful for engaging and growing audiences but requires time and expertise to create. With Riddle's marketplace, publishers and brands can...

Social Media, Publishers, Bloggers, Editorial

G%20sh1   London, United Kingdom

Grabby is a fast and efficient email address collecting platform. Users provide a list of websites and Grabby does the rest by searching each and every page for email addresses. The service runs entirely in the cloud, is active 24/7, and requires no software installation....

Start Ups, Marketers, Marketing Firms, Businesses


Freya Magazine   London, United Kingdom

Freya is a new magazine that explores current issues through fashion. Filled with inspiring, unique and intelligent content, the magazine is attractive both visially and substantively. Freya’s first issue will evolve around Muslim modest dress, exploring everything from t...

Magazine, Publishing, Fashion, Media


BahGum   York, United Kingdom

We connect you with the biggest companies across the UK, it’s job searching with simplicity. Swipe, connect, get hired - it’s easy! No stress, no fuss just you finding your dream job. Founded in 2014, we started as a young group of technology enthusiasts in York giving...

Social Media, Networking, Job Searching, Recruitment


Fitssi   London, United Kingdom

Fitssi is a social app connecting users with new and interesting nearby fitness partners on-demand and encompasses an athleisure lifestyle within one app. The team behind fitness recognised the surge in emerging fitness trends and have open the doors on fitness categories...

Consumers, Fitness People, Active People, Personal Trainers


JsonWhois   Essex, United Kingdom

We provide a whois api in json format, normalising a complex data form into an easy to use one. Allowing bulk lookups quickly and regularly.

Saa S, Json, Whois, Data


Tweet Rocket   Brighton, United Kingdom

Tweet Rocket is a powerful social media service for organically growing your Twitter audience, with the backing of an expert social media team. What makes it different from any other social media tool, is that there is a real, human team of digital marketing experts wh...

Social Media, Twitter, Social Media Management, Smm Tools


SWIG Flasks   London, United Kingdom

9 months ago, David Galbraith (SWIG #00002) sold everything he owned and moved across the country to pursue his vision of making the worlds most reliable hip flask brand. So he developed SWIG. A brand that produces a seamless steel Hip Flask that can adopt a wide range of...

Hip Flasks, Hip Flask, Luxury Hip Flask


Musiqli   Cardiff, United Kingdom

Musiqli is a digital resource hub for classical musicians. Collaboration is the lifeblood of music. For too long, finding the right musicians to work with has been a hit and miss process, and valuable creative time has been wasted on synchronising diaries and sharing re...

music, Musicians, technology, Sharing Resource

2   Leeds, United Kingdom allows you to find the most relevant and best performing content within your vertical, through pre-defined categories or an advanced search. You can see which social network is responding best to content, and find and analyse the influencers and sharers of that ...

Saa S, Content Marketing Tool, Content Marketing, Online


Giacomo Alpago   United Kingdom, London

Betfect is a first social betting website (one of its first kind) combines online betting with social aspect. At Betfect On our platform users can log in via their Facebook account, engage each others on the platform and more interestingly follow other users just like on ...

Browser, Mobile


Boxana   London, United Kingdom

Want to organise your productivity without hassle? Have trouble keeping track of your team, yourself or your company? Boxana is a solid core of lists, tasks and 'streams', with a vast array of easy to integrate add-ons providing the power you need. Whether you are ...

Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Project Management, Productivity


Get Reference   London, United Kingdom

Get Reference is a smart and simple web based app for obtaining and creating paperless employment references. Get References takes the pain out of the employment reference process by saving time for employers to obtain and create paperless references, but also allowing...

Human Resources, Recruitment, Web Based


Websecurify Suite   London, United Kingdom

The Websecurify Suite is a market, like the Apple App Store, for cutting-edge web security tools. Use some of the best known tools on the market today to ensure that your apps are not vulnerable to common types of attacks. From XSS and SQL Injection to login misconfigurat...

Cloud Computing, Web Security


Mu System   England, United Kingdom

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The Mu System is a must-have for any frequent traveler. The slim-line, international, 2.4Amp USB charger for smartphones, tablets and MP3 players is the thinnest international charger in the world. Built upon the award winning UK Mu Charger, the Mu System is compatible...

Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Accessory


AppCoral   London, United Kingdom

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AppCoral helps you find the web's best web tools. Whatever the task, our curated library of apps will both inspire and help you achieve what you want to do with your business. Whether you are a designer, developer, marketer, shop owner - we have the tools you want and nee...

Software, Cloud Apps, Web Startup Tools


Cat in a Flat   London, United Kingdom

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We are a cat-loving, cat-worshipping cat-sitting community that connects cat owners with trusted cat sitters in their area. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own home while their owner is away. Cat owners can review, rate and share the best sitters ...

Consumer Internet, community, Cats, Pet Sitting


Stamplay   London, United Kingdom

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Uber isn’t just Uber. It’s Google Maps, Braintree payments, Twilio texts and much more. The best way to do business isn’t to build it all in-house. Top companies are increasingly piecing together a composite of specialized APIs. That lets them concentrate on their unique ...

Back End As A Service, Developer Tools, Web development


INFINCASE   London, United Kingdom

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That pain of dragging a tangled wire out of your bag, or the clunkiness of having a charging case always on the back of your phone, whats the point in buying a phone for its slim design when it's not thin anymore? That time you've run out of storage, but have that perfect...

Mobile, Phone Case, Charging Case, Modular


Crowdwish   London, United Kingdom

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Crowdwish is a space where you can post the things you most desire in the world; whatever they may be. Products, experiences, advice, causes you believe in, services. Anything. The site just asks users to complete the statement ‘I wish….’ in a hundred characters o...

Social network, Social, Wishes, Marketplace


V London City   London, United Kingdom

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Why did you create VLondonCity? We felt that the other options out there just weren’t doing it for us. They were either too bloated and outdated or pushing some agenda. The amount of free lunches that go on behind the scenes of successful reviews on big sites… You woul...

Travel, London Guide, London Attractions, Travel London


CloudCal   London, United Kingdom

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CloudCal is an elegant Android calendar app that provides both the wide and narrow perspective on your time.The main view will give you a good overview of any month. Each day is surrounded by our magic circle that tells you in what time period of the day an activity takes...

Mobile, App, Calendar, Time Management