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Propagad   Miami, USA

Propagad connects Startups and Small businesses with Publishers through Ad spaces. Small businesses and startups can easily find publishers in all possible media outlets, to advertise confident that it will fit their needs, budget and target audience. Publishers, Inst...

Advertising, Marketing

Xcopy panel

Xcopy   TX, USA

Xcopy is Billing Subscription Saas Model that allow any Mobile app to run in saas model we also Support Web app and Software desktop Real-time mobile analytics software, focusing on ease of use, extensibility and feature richness. Xcopy is an innovative, real-time , It co...

Saa S.Apps, Mobile


Focus Out   Houston, USA

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Description Are you ever distracted by facebook, twitter, youtube, or Whatsapp? This app can help. Simple select apps that you want to lock yourself out of, how long you want to block them for and you are done! This is a FREE APP plus it has NO ADS. This is the only app...

Android, Productivity

Ecommtactics stompstart

EcommTactics   Nashua, USA

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EcommTactics helps small ecommerce stores do better marketing so they can grow their business. Every Monday, we send a new ecommerce marketing tactic to try out for the week with simple, outlined steps for implementing and testing it out. You get to evaluate how each one ...

Ecommerce, Marketing, Branding, Growth


ReadySub Teacher Placement Software   Issaquah, USA

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ReadySub is simple and intuitive. Teachers and administrators can post new jobs in second. Plus, teachers can request their favorite substitutes and block others. Substitutes are notified of new jobs in real time. Equipping substitutes with the tools to discover and fill ...

Online Software, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Universities


TrailHub   USA, Canada

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TrailHUB provides an online service designed to help local Organization and Outdoor Enthusiast to easily communicate your favorite trail and tours conditions by providing the SMS or EMail Alerts on there devices.

Outdoor Recreation, Trail Conditions And Alerts


Skrlla   San Francisco, USA

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Skrlla is the fastest way to send or request $1 with your friends or send $1 to one of our charity partners. Login with your Venmo account, tap HIT to request $1 or tap SKRLLA to send $1, you can also add an optional message.

I Phone, Charity, Money Exchange

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Pike   San Francisco, USA

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Pike is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to share and discuss the interesting things you find online with your friends right there on the webpage privately. With Pike installed, whilst reading any interesting article on the web, highlight the most interesting...

Browser Extensions, Sharing, Social Media, Content

Equator%20technologies it%20services application%20development

Equator Technologies LLC   Virginia, USA

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Equator Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified end to end IT services and software development company with a proven track record of delivering complex projects with strict timeline. We specialize in Web and Mobile application development. We use the latest and greate...

Web Application, Mobile Application, Software, Digital Marketing


Ripple   Seattle, USA

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Ripple is a platform that allows you to spread messages across the world without the standard follower system. A message first spreads to several people nearby and they choose whether to share it with more people. It is awesome to watch messages spread far and wide, a...

Android, I Phone

Yaware timetracker 3x

Yaware   California, USA

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Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking app that helps you and your team manage their time, be productive and achieve more. Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to track time spent on projects, websites/software usage, manage resources, evaluate productivity and inc...

Windows, Linuc, Mac, I Phone


Threads App   Los Angeles, USA

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Threads has a community of expert fashion bloggers that provides you with personalized fashion inspiration by occasion and let you shop the looks you love. Easily explore, inspire, and shop the perfect look for your event; interviews, festivals, date nights, and more.

Mobile App, Fasion

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HealthView   Oak Lawn, USA

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HealthView is an iOS & Apple Watch app that helps you understand Apple Health data better. HealthView provides a clean, intuitive and easy to use user interface. Each data set has ability to show you more details like: detailed history graph, averages, min/max values, bes...

Mobile App, Health

6gatr tfd kt8a8bw83q jctzkm0v02dze xviak7vm   Boston, USA

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Free email list growth tools Privy's website popup and mobile landing page tool help marketers rapidly grow their email list from inbound or paid channels. Email remains the strongest form of customer relationship, yet the tools and techniques required for growing your ...

Marketers, Business Owners

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ITLY   Miami, USA

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We believe in talent, passion and quality. We admire the artisan spirit. We respect long held traditions and the pride taken in producing something of excellence built to withstand the test of time. Here at, we are uncovering the true and never before seen Made i...

Ecommerce, Shopping

Screenshot1   Ky, USA

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By mapping over 160 million home and business IP addresses in the United States back to their corresponding physical mailing address, can surface online display ads to almost any household or business using IP targeting technology.

Digital Agencies, Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, Display Advertising


Bogglo   New York City, USA

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Brief description: Bogglo allows students to transform their campus into a local store where they can quickly buy and sell what they need. College students are always pressed for time. They do not have the leisure to run around town searching for what they need nor can t...

College, Students, University, Nyc


Riley   New York, USA

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Riley is a personal assistant for real estate via text messaging. Users text 740-478-4021 to find their next home. Riley uses a combination of user input and big data to provide users with the most personalized listings, leading to increased conversion rates and lower vac...

Ecommerce, Real Estate

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Recapture   Elkhart, USA

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Track what visitors are adding to their carts, automatically send them a responsive email if they don't finish the checkout. Customers add products to their cart but never finish the checkout process.

Ecommerce, Marketers


Dashtab   San Francisco, USA

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Dashtab is a new tab within Salesforce to replace the leads tab. Instead of one long list of all of your leads and their properties, we have made a drag-and-drop column UI so you can visualize your whole inside sales pipeline. With smart sort, automation, and easy acti...

Web App, Business Development


FanzTap   Centennial, USA

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FanzTap is a new no Rake Fantasy Sports site, with social media built in to make make Fantasy sports fun again. The rake - we remove the rake and allow fantasy sports players to keep more of their money. We have removed the complications and complicated cost associated ...

Web App, Consumers

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VRTÜL   Cardiff By The Sea, USA

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We are a platform for viewing 360 and VR videos. We offer free development services to embed links, images, and videos into visual objects within each each experience. See: We are solving the technical issues of offering to consumers organi...

Mobile App, Marketers, Designers

Plango planner

Plango   CA, USA

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Brief description: Plango helps you find an itinerary shared by other travelers, tweak it to fit you, and book it. Problem it solves: Planning a trip is stressful, spending months of your free time flipping through guides, digging through online reviews, and asking f...

Millennial Consumers, Travelers, Travel Agents, Early Adopters

Zipbooks symbol

ZipBooks   USA, Califorinia

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ZipBooks is an online invoicing software application that lets you send estimates and invoices to you potential customers and existing clients. Track your time, product, and expenses as projects or ad hoc line items. When it is time to invoice clients. we auto detect unbi...

Online, Invoicing, Software


Atomseo   La, USA

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The tool crawls web site or blog and detects broken and dead links. The result is provided as a shortlist of error pages and images for easily fixing. It finds all broken links, pages, images and helps to improve the user story and search visibility ranking.

Web Masters, Seo Managers, Marketers

Screenshot 2   USA, New York

Not published - website for new products & surprises everyday! We’re all about choice and always chock-full of in-demand products, so we wanted a new name and a new look that shares our commitment to quality and unbeatable selection. Our catalog is carefully arranged and...

Store, Shop


ParkMyCloud   Sterling, USA

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ParkMyCloud is a cost-effective, lightweight app that reduces cloud computing costs by 20% or more, in just 15 minutes. This new app allows AWS users to pay only for the computing resources they’re actually using by scheduling on/off times (also known as “parking”) for th...

Developers, Operations, Dev Ops, Cloud Architects


SkinWears Store   Colton, USA

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SkinWears Store is equipped with sophisticated craftsmanship and elaborated design which ensures quality leather products. With the latest technology and expertise, SkinWears Store excels in creating perfect designs and imprinting of designs on high quality leather produc...

Leather Jackets, Shopping, E Commerce

Google account backup dashboard 1

Upsafe Free Google Account backup   Boston, USA

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UpSafe Backup protects all of your Google Account data from disastrous data loss. It allows you to get data back exactly the way it was just a few minutes ago. UpSafe will automatically back up your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Sites every day to the cl...

Cloud Computing, Google Apps Users


Upsafe Office 365 cloud backup   Boston, USA

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The more people work together on one project, the more is the risk of data loss. But UpSafe backup for Office365 brings these risks to the minimum, and you can freely share your documents with collegues all over the world. UpSafe provides scheduled automated backup and ac...

Cloud Computing, Office 365 Users