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RedShed   Nottingham, UK

RedShed is a BRAND NEW online shopping experience bringing you quality products for the home and garden. We sell big stuff for the home and garden delivered to your home across the UK. Our products are specially designed and we have developed a bespoke delivery system for...

E Commerce, Online Shopping, Home And Garden

Screenshot   London, UK makes your couple more exciting than ever ! It tells you what mood your partner is in, adds some fun with challenges & treats game, keeps track of who owes whom a... favour, and lets you get naughty with self-destroying, encrypted photos ;-) And you won't send i...

Mobile, Mobile Communication, Photo Sharing


NowShop   London, UK

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NowShop powers some of the most desirable online marketplaces. We provide 100% brand-customised online marketplaces trusted by some of the world's largest publishers, including Hearst Magazines. - Let NowShop provide you with a new non-advertising revenue stream -...

Ecommerce, Magazines, Tradeshows

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Bullet News   London, UK

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Bullet News gets you up to date in seconds, wherever, whenever with news from top providers in short bullet points. We work with the world’s leading news outlets to optimise stories to the essential facts, to suit smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and desktops. Our ne...

Android, Ios, Amazon


Pinipa   London, UK

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Pinipa is a collaboration platform for business transformation and change. We help medium and large enterprises transform better, faster, cheaper by engaging employees to shape and deliver change using crowdsourcing principles. The pace of change has increased, competi...

Enterprise Software, Collaboration, Project Management, Portfolio Management

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Tungsten Information Management   London, UK

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Tungsten was formed with a vision focused on niche areas, such as, business intelligence and data analytics, which help bring our clients light in the form of knowledge and help them mobilize their businesses. Over the years we have gained experience in various verticals ...

Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Consulting


The Winnow System   London, UK

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We believe that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. Every year the UK hospitality sector wastes around £2.5bn worth of food. The modern commercial kitchen is an inefficient factory which is uneconomical and can was...

Hardware, Food Waste, Tech, technology

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Blocks Smartwatch   London, UK

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Choose. Play. Upgrade. Blocks is a fully customizable smartwatch. You can make your own unique smartwatch by snapping in the blocks you need. Hardware and software are open source. Create your own Blocks. Your blocks, your way.

Andoid, Wearables, Smartwatch

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Songtree   London, UK

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Want to make music with people from all over the world? Songtree is the app for collaborative music making: ★ Create your own song session for other people to play on or just explore and find track sessions already on Songtree ★ Meet musicians and singers just like ...

music, Collaborative, community

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Cheeky Promo   London, UK

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Set up in London on the 1st of January 2013, Cheeky Promo helps musicians make connections. We work with arrangers, composers, conductors, engineers, lyricists, orchestrators, performers, pianists, producers, promoters, publishers, radio stations/show hosts, record la...

music, Social Media, Digital Marketing Events


CatchApp Today   London, UK

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Have you ever been in a situation trying to give a friend your exact location in a city/town and your friend just wasn’t getting your directions. Have you struggled to meet each other even if you were only a few hundred meters apart? We have a simple solution for you. Ge...

Mobile App, Social


DXpertise   London, UK

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DXpertise is an IT training courses aggregation platform that allow the developers to find the best ones available on the market. The platform is made by developers for developers with the aim to increase the knowledge level of each one of us in order to make the whole i...

Saa S, Education, It

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Rentual   London, UK

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Our technology streamlines the process of aggregating commercial property listings from thousands of different sources into one, easy to use platform readily accessible to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, investors or anyone else looking for curre...

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Retailers, Banks


Publicate   London, UK

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Publicate is a SaaS application that helps content marketers leverage curated content to drive new leads and real marketing results. Create curated content assets like email newsletters, roundup blog posts, resource hubs, and branded social shares in minutes - then add a ...

Content Marketers, Marketers, Startups


Roost   London, UK

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Roost is great for couples to house hunt on the go. Pair up with your partner via Facebook and the properties you both like ping up as 'matches'. Simply swipe through properties based on your search criteria. Then set up viewings, focussing only on the places you ...

Couples, Students, Early Adopters, House Hunters

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Goalchieve   London, UK

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Goalchieve is an online, collaborative platform that helps you to achieve your goals. Thanks to its unique layout, Goalchieve helps you to divide your goal, your big question into small, easy to follow steps!

Website Application, Social network, Q&A, Collaborative


Shoprocket   London, UK

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We got tired of complex systems and high commission rates, that’s why we decided to build Shoprocket, the solution that lets you add eCommerce functionality to your existing website in 5 minutes. You take care of your customers while we do the rest.

Saa S, Ecommerce


Mem-note   Sheffield, UK

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Mem-note is an online note-taking application for people who need to remember the notes they take rather than leaving them to be forgotten. Rather than forcing you to create separate flash cards the app will save you time by converting your notes into a flash card form...

Education, Productivity


Minimalist Watches   London, UK

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One sentence pitch of startup We make minimalistic styled watches for men and women. Brief description of what it does We operate as an e-commerce store for people to purchase our minimal designed products.

Consumers, Designers, Fashionists


Snip and Share   London, UK

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Snip anything from a webpage, and share to your favourite places. Our snipping tool is seriously powerful. Take text, images, GIFs, videos, extract the page, or make your own custom screenshot. Then share instantly. To Facebook, Twitter, Slack and email. Peopl...

Marketers, Startups, Journalists, Social Media Fanatics

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Credit Kudos   London, UK

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Credit Kudos helps users understand their financial health and how to improve it. Users get insight into their spending and a free credit rating check. Our goal is rid the world of problem debt by proactively informing people when they are going off course and giving them...

Consumers, Financial Services


Bullet News   London, UK

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Simple to use, easy to read and fast: Bullet News means you'll find out what’s shaking your world as it happens. No speculation, just trusted sources. Key features of Bullet News: - Really fast loading time – 1st article loads in under 1sec, second loads in 200ms (the...

Journalists, Bloggers, Editors, Writers

P2   New Castle, UK

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Your Business Data, neatly under one roof Brief description of what it does Create your neatly account and connect over 30 providers and view a range of data all under one roof. You can also create custom dashboards and manage unlimited companies from one account.

Startups, Ecommerce, Accountants, Marketers


Vibe Tickets   London, UK

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Vibe Tickets provides fans with the opportunity to exchange tickets at face value and make new friends! Brief description of what it does Vibe Tickets is an app that lets people exchange tickets for any event! You can use Vibe to buy, you can use vibe to sell, you can...

Event Organisers, Theatre Goers, Sports Fans, Music Fans


Frames   Gloucestershire, UK

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Frames makes creating, sharing and watching short video snippets easy and fun. No faff. No time consuming editing. Just super speedy tap and catch content as it happens in the moment… Wherever and whenever you want! Record 15-60 second videos of real footage per day and s...

I Os App, Mobile Application, Video, Social network

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TechMate London Ltd.   London, UK

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We develop software, mobile apps and websites, and create proximity marketing projects with iBeacons for any type of businesses or interested individuals. TechMate is a London-based software development company, specializing in software customization and creative IT so...

Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web development, Proximity Marketing


Pitchmaker   London, UK

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Send beautiful web-based proposals instead of PDF Brief description of what it does- Use Pitchmaker to create fully customisable HTML based proposals for your clients. You can use bespoke design, embedded prototypes or background videos. Track every open and view to...

Marketers, Developers, Sales Managers, Creative Agencies

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4K Stogram   London, UK

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The program allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts. Just enter Instagram user name or photo link and press 'Follow user' button. Open up wide new vistas of imagery all from your desktop. Try it!

Instagram Users, Marketers, Social Network Marketers

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SlideAwesome   Birmingham, UK

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SlideAwesome creates fantastic looking free slideshows for your website. It’s not a plugin. It uses a different, high performance technology to create SEO ready image sliders that are easy to set up, load super fast and have none of the maintenance and security headaches ...

Web Designers, Web Developers, Website Owners

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Cicada The Game   Bournemouth, UK

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Cicada is a retro point and click graphic adventure. We are a small group of three; with a passion for retro design, gameplay and music. There's no tutorial, no FB invites, no high scores, no multiplayer, no DLC and no pay to win here. The game name draws its inspir...

Retro Gamers, Computer Games, Puzzle