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Sparrk   Stockholm, Sweden

Sparrk is a community where entrepreneurs work together on a weekly challenge to reinvent major industries, value chains, iconic products, and key processes and functions, because working at full speed on a mediocre business idea is perhaps the worst form of waste! The...

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Tracy   Stockholm, Sweden

Tracy is a smart tracking device for dogs, not only does it track your dogs position bout it also tracks the dogs health. THE LONGEST-LASTING TRACKER EVER MADE Up to 6 months battery time on a single charge. The app will let you know when it's charger time, then sim...

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Linkredirector   Stockholm, Sweden

Linkredirector lets you use one dynamic short link to route visitors to multiple destinations, with real time statistics. Benefits for marketers - with Linkredirector you can update the URL of your links after you have published them. Update the links on your printed ...

Analytics, E Commerce, Url Shortener, Saa S


Sharplet   Stockholm, Sweden

Sharplet is a web application that allows users to remember more in less time. It uses the highly effective “spaced repetition” learning method to optimally schedule flashcard review sessions. This method helps users commit whatever it is they want to learn to long-term m...

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ClickAppy   Stockholm, Sweden

There are over 54 million Facebook fan pages activated on Facebook. If page owners want to run a high quality contest or add customized content to their Facebook page, they will often need an external application. For many page owners the cost or expertise needed to crea...

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PriceLizer   Stockholm, Sweden

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Our web service RevaLizer enables ecommerce merchants get customers back who abandon their carts by making it possible for consumer that are discouraged by the product prices online to setup automatic price drop alerts, helping them return to their favorite shops when the...

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NextHub   Stockholm, Sweden

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NextHub is platform that categorises content into topics published in HUBs followed by users who shares same interest. NextHub provides features that will increase the engagement between publishers and users, HUBs and Posts can be shared among users and with other social ...

Consumer, Publishers, Mobile App

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open-closed   Stockholm, Sverige

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Oavsett sin punktlighet är svenskar riktiga demokrater. Det gäller även öppettider i de flesta Sveriges myndigheter. För att försörja sig själv behöver man inte plågas på jobbet hela dagar. Här kan vi se ganska flexibla scheman. Det är jättebekvämt för svenskarna som strä...

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OneWin   Sweden, Stockholm

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OneWin is an app that will give you endless hours of great workout motivation and inspiration. Our app will allow you to both create and accept all types of workout challenges together with your friends or other users from around the world.

Motivation, Challenges, Workout, Training


Datantify   Sweden, Stockholm

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Datantify is the leading solution to build contact list (phone, mail or address data) from any industries & countries with verified data. Currently, it contains more than 180 countries and 3500 categories with high-quality data of companies developed by innovative big-dat...

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Makemove   Stockholm, Sweden

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We try to establish an alternative for professional networking, a mobile envi- ronment driven by startup culture and innovation, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative knowledge. You could say that Makemove is the pocket version of the Silicon ...

I Phone, Startup, Design, Tech

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Jumpstarter   Stockholm, Sweden

Jumpstarter is a next-generation hosting platform for web developers, which makes it super fast and really easy to create and launch websites. It enables you to get up and running with your project in less than one second. Literally. It will also automatically adapt the s...

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