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Birthday Mates   Cape Town, South Africa

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Birthday Mates is a social networking website that groups people who share similar birthdays, usually within 1-3 weeks of each other, allows them exchange gifts and get gifts from family & friends on their birthday, have joint/group birthday celebrations (those in the sam...

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AudOne   Cape Town, South Africa

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The world is increasingly becoming a place where innovation is transforming into a collaborative effort, and creative communities are the future of progress. We need to harness this unique potential that we possess as college students, with fertile minds and unwavering sp...

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Cybatar   Pretoria, South Africa

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Cybatar is an On Demand Mobile App for services evolving the way the world functions. Cybatar connects you with nearby providers and delivers quality services to the user's location within an hour of request using its GPS enabled system.

On Demand Mobile Services, E Commerce, M Commerce

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crowdCaster   Cape Town, South Africa

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crowdCaster re-imagines radio, allowing you the chance to share your stories and sounds with the world - in easy-to-digest, bite-sized audio clips of 140 seconds Dubbed as the "Audio for Twitter", crowdCaster is an audio platform which allows you to create and listen to ...

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Strongroom   Pretoria, South Africa

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Strongroom is a backup service for encrypted photos. Encryption happens on your computer using your own encryption key before any data is transmitted. Nobody can decrypt your photos because only you have access to the key.

Cloud Privacy, Online Backup


Pocket Logger   Johannesburg, South Africa

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The easiest way to keep your logbook up to date is here! The new Pocket logger system helps you keep track of your kilometers or miles by a simple press of a button! The one thing that really irritates drivers who travel every day or especially every other day or even ...

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Capture   Cape Town, South Africa

Every proof, discussion and approval from start to finish, all in one place! is an approval management platform designed to help you and your colleagues review, track and approve creative work faster and more efficiently.

Marketing, Advertising, Cloud Computing, Digital Media