Startups tagged: "Singapore City"


HyperGrowth   Singapore City, Singapore

HyperGrowth empowers business growth through media buying intelligence and user acquisition automation models. The company leverage on high-performance IDBS (intelligent database system) and proprietary IR (information retrieval) systems to execute pin-point precision use...

Mobile, E Commerce, Games Studio, Ad Agencies


Dog House One   Singapore City, Singapore

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Dog House One shares amazing stories about people working for the benefit of pets, helps with pet adoption, and shares pet events happening around the globe. The pet industry is huge but fragmented. There is no single leader that covers the entire business scope. ...

General, Pet Events, Pet Adoption, Pet Stories


Snitch   Singapore, Singapore City

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Forget about bulky selfie sticks! Forget about complicated drones! All you need is to throw Snitch upwards and choose the best view via your smartphone. Do you think even this is difficult? Then Snitch can choose the best view by itself with automatic face detection. More...

Hardware, Drone, Uav, Camera