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Seattleite Guide   Seattle, Wa

Welcome to the Seattleite’s Guide to Seattle. We showcase the best that Seattle has to offer. Places that are unique to this town and this town only. You’ll find the up and coming shops, local fine dining options and things you may otherwise not hear about in our advertis...

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Boomerang   Seattle, Washington

Boomerang is a new way for photographers to share their images with clients. An ultra clean interface, inspiring animations and easy use functionality get users emotionally engaged and help photographers proof simple and sell more.

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MetaChi   Seattle, United States

Metachi is a place where task management and collaboration meet. The #1 problem cited by distributed teams is task management – the #2 problem cited is long threads. Email is an inefficient tool for task management and effective collaboration – that’s why we created Me...

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Sayist   Seattle, Wa

At Sayist we have created a whole new experince for finding a job, buying a car, renting an appartment, looking for a new pet, or selling your old guitar by allowing users the ability to post and search classifieds with the capabilities of video, #hashtagging, social shar...

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Ripple   Seattle, USA

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Ripple is a platform that allows you to spread messages across the world without the standard follower system. A message first spreads to several people nearby and they choose whether to share it with more people. It is awesome to watch messages spread far and wide, a...

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Featurekit   Seattle, Wa Usa

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What if you could add one line of Javascript to your app & automatically track user visits, so that you could notify users when new features are added? Would your users become more engaged? Would they feel closer to your team, & provide useful feedback that could hel...

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Startupsort home page

StartupSort   Seattle, Wa

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StartupSort is a data-driven job search engine for software engineers. We collect data like size, funding, website traffic and breaking news for 1,000+ startups, on which machine learning techniques interpret trend coefficients to further predict a growth score that corre...

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Vectr   Seattle, Wa

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Vectr is an anonymous Q&A app for Android and iOS. The app allows the user to ask a question in any topic and the backend algorithm then routes it to the best expert in that field. Each user is also an expert and answers questions accordingly. Vectr makes people more i...

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World Real Estate Directory   Seattle, USA

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World Real Estate Directory provides you with both kinds of information- What city should you move in the country where you plan to relocate, and what kind of housing is the most attractive there to be your new home. We know all of this because World Real Estate Directory...

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Pingometer   Seattle, Washington

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Pingometer is a service that monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. You can monitor anything: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, or UDP services. Our platform performs real-time checks from locations (12+) around the world -- 24/7/365. If an ...

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Send   Seattle, Wa

Send is allows anyone to send a same day package, document or personal item across town for $15. Send's marketplace allows individuals or SMB's to connect with professional couriers and utilize their downtime between their other deliveries. This allows access to the best ...

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